Dear Patriots,

When a Frenchman has a stronger spine than an American, you know we are in trouble. It happened on November 9, when the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius opposed the nuclear agreement that the US Secretary of State John Kerry, and his boss President Obama, were very eager to sign.

Mr. Fabius’ reason for objection? He called this agreement a “sucker’s deal”.

The second round of the negotiation is supposed to resume on November 20th in Geneva.

We need to let the Obama administration know that American People REJECT this sucker’s deal.

If this sucker’s deal goes through:

Iran will receive immediate relief from the decade’s economic sanctions;

The Iranian government will have access to as much as $50 billion oil revenue, which currently is frozen by International financial institutions;

The Iranian government would be allowed to continue enriching uranium and building a plutonium reactor near the city of Arak.

For all the above concessions, what would we get in return? Not much!

No promise from the Iranian government that they wouldn’t activate the Arak reactor.

No promise from the Iranian government to stop enriching uranium to 20%, which is near weapons-grade; even if they do reduce the enrichment percentage that doesn’t mean they can’t create a nuclear warhead.

FAX your congressional representatives: Tell them to pass the economic sanction bill against Iran as soon as possible.  No acceptance of this “sucker deal” for this administration!

Iran may refrain from operating or fueling the facility during the six months the interim accord might last, while continuing construction of the installation in its Arak site.

So once again, all talk and no teeth as this agreement contains NO meaningful ways for the UN to verify Iranian’s compliance to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

This is a dream deal for Iran and a “sucker’s deal” for the rest of the world! It offers Iran immediate economic relief while does very little to curb Iran’s uranium enrichment program or to stop its development of a nuclear reactor capable of producing nuclear weapons.

We were simply asked to trust that Iran’s intention was all peaceful.

We need to draw a line in the sand and reject this deal. Time is running out because the “negotiation” will resume on November 20th.

The French stopped it from happening once.

We cannot count on them to do it again.

What is clear?

Even without this agreement, the Iranian government is on schedule to produce plutonium in its nuclear reactor in the city of Arak as early as next year.

Many US and European officials already admitted privately that we are nearing a point of no return for Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu said."Iran's dream deal is the world's nightmare."


Picture taken on August 26, 2006 shows a general view of the heavy water plant in Arak, 320 kms south of Tehran (AFP Photo/Atta Kenare)

FAX CONGRESS: Let them know that you want the economic sanction to Iran to be tightened, NOT LIFTED!

If not for the French, who opposed this agreement just a few days ago, this agreement might have already passed. It would have given Iran more economic means to enhance and speed up its nuclear programs to be operative sooner than its original schedule. Lifting economic sanction now means the West would lose its final and only leverage against the Iranian regime.

This agreement was opposed not just by the French and Israel but even by many Arab countries!  When was the last time you heard that the Israelis and Arabs agreed on anything?

This agreement is nothing more than an appeasement to the Iranian government! We all learned from the history of the Second World War that appeasement only breeds aggression.

It is not surprising that this kind of appeasement came out of a president who drew a red line and then backed away from it.

But our dear patriots, we cannot back away from this. We are dealing with a very determined enemy here.

Let’s not forget the Iranian regime is the same regime who allowed its people to shout “Death to America” on their streets; who allowed its people to storm into the US embassy and took Americans for hostage; who supported the Syria Assad regime through economic and military means to slaughter thousands of Syrian men, women and children.

This regime is close to have nuclear weapons and yet our government is about to lift economic sanctions.

The US Congress is currently considering the introduction of a new wave of economic sanctions against Iran. But the Obama Administration is pressuring the Congress to delay their action. The administration’s “concern” is that Iran may not return to the negotiation table.

Once again, this administration demonstrated that their great tolerance and willingness to bend backwards for foreign powers.

We have to take the matter into our own hands.

FAX CONGRESS: Tell them now that you want a speedy pass of the new economic sanction bill against Iran.

The American way of life will be in danger when a nuclear weapon equipped Iranian regime emerges.

When that happens, you bet that President Obama would correctly proclaim that he had no knowledge or information that this would happen. He would proclaim that he is shocked that Iran would cheat an agreement that seemed so advantageous to them.

We know that it is a bad policy to negotiate with a determined enemy who has no regards to international peace.

Shouldn’t our government know this and be looking out for our security? Past history has taught us that a determined enemy will never give up their aggression as a result of appeasement.

President Regan recognized back in 1986 that in order to preserve peace and defend the United States, we have to preserve our military might. The world’s peace has benefitted from a strong America.

When dealing with tyranny and thugs, one can only negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness.

Yet, the current administration has been cutting military funding, shrinking America’s global influence and labeling military withdrawal as “redialing”.

1)    Let Congress know that anything less than a total nuclear dismantlement with intensive, regular inspection is a recipe for disaster. The US should not sign any such agreement. We must demand accountability and concrete results.

2)    Let Congress know that you want to see increase of military funding and stop the trend of cutting.

Maintaining the US military might is instrumental in ensuring global peace. Warn Congress not to throw away America’s trump card.

We have to stop a bad situation from getting worse. We shouldn’t have to rely on a French statesman to tell us when an agreement is a “sucker’s deal.”

Dear patriots, it is time to take action. FAX Today.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily