Fellow Conservative,

The Constitution requires a 2/3 ratification vote in the Senate before the President can commit the United States to any international treaty. This was designed to ensure that any treaty the US joins has the consent of the American people.

Congress has given no-such permission. A vote has not been held.

Yet, Obama is emptying the treasury of billions of dollars to finance this sham of an agreement. He knows that he has no chance of getting the deal through Congress, so he’s using loopholes to finance the treaty without Congressional consent!

This is unconstitutional!

Don’t let Obama get away with this clear violation! FaxBlast and demand that Congress use every tool at its disposal to STOP Obama from giving away our sovereignty to the UN!

Over the past couple days, the United Nations has been holding its annual climate summit in Washington, DC. You haven’t seen any mention of this on the news, have you?

No mention of the fact that hundreds of globalists are meeting to undermine the United States Constitution?

No mention of the fact that Obama administration bureaucrats were in attendance, promising to double down on the President’s financial commitment to the treaty?

There has always been this assumption that when the Constitution dies, it will be killed through subterfuge or some ploy kept secret from the American people. Well, it doesn’t get more public than this…

The real question is, what will patriots across the country do about it?

Will they chalk it up to just another pillar of the Obama agenda? Or will they stand up and fight against it?

The founders gave us a system of checks and balances designed to stop any one branch of government from descending into tyranny. If a President, for example, was to openly violate the Constitution and commit the United States to a treaty Congress never ratified, there are fail-safes in place to stop it.

The Attorney General could press charges (extremely unlikely).

The Supreme Court could put a stop to it (impossible now that Liberal justices make up ½ the bench).

Or Congress could step up and so savagely defund the administration that Barack Obama can’t even pay the White House’s electric bill!

They discovered a way to stop Obama! It is up to you to force them to act! FaxBlast and demand that Congress defund Obama’s climate agenda entirely!

This is where we’re at folks. We’re at a crossroads.

Obama administration officials are celebrating. Not only did they get the world to sign onto their radical climate change agenda, but they have discovered ways to implement and finance it administratively without any approval from Congress.

The fact that the United Nations met on United States’ soil to discuss the treaty’s implementation, and not a single news outlet covered it is shameful. The destruction of the Constitution is happening before our very eyes and there is a media blackout.

They think they’ve won. They think they can do all of this out in the open and you’re too preoccupied to notice.

They expect to implement an international treaty by executive order and steal tax money to finance it without a peep from the American people.

It is up to you to prove them wrong!

Want to hear some good news? Conservatives have found a loophole!

Federal law prohibits the executive branch from financing any UN agency that “grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.” The United States does not recognize Palestine as a state, yet the UN has allowed the Palestinians to join onto the Climate Treaty as a state actor.

It is cut-and-dry. Now, not only is Obama violating the Constitution, but he is openly violating Federal law as well!

This movement is gaining steam. Yes, it is a technicality, but this is our best and fastest option to stop Obama’s radical climate change agenda!

What Obama is doing is unconstitutional and illegal. Only Congress can intervene and only you can demand it! FaxBlast and force Congress to DEFUND Barack Obama’s radical climate agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily