REJECT The WHO & LEAVE the UN: Reject the Pandemic Treaty & IHR Amendments - Support H.R. 79!
The World Health Organization, with the help of the UN, continues its endless power-grabbing saga. In relation to the pandemic treaty, the WHO is persistently publishing amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). However, the time granted for nations to opt out of these amendments has been reduced, representing another covert power grab on the part of the WHO. Congress MUST EXIT THE WHO and sever ties with the UN, which collaborates with them.
As previously discussed, the WHO, in conjunction with the UN, has been working on a Pandemic treaty. This treaty is nothing but a veiled attempt by the WHO to wield unchecked authority over countries during times of crisis. The treaty outlines the WHO's recommendations for countries aligned with the UN during global pandemics, covering response strategies, prevention tactics, and readiness measures.
The United States should NEVER entrust a health authority with the power to dictate our nation's actions during times of turmoil. It is the exclusive right of American citizens to decide how we handle global pandemics, in accordance with our Constitution.
Additionally, in 2022, the World Health Assembly quietly agreed to reduce the period during which nations can opt out of future amendments to the International Health Regulations. We did not agree to this; they unilaterally implemented the change. Instead of the original 18 months, nations are now only given 10 months to opt out. Furthermore, the implementation period for new IHR amendments, originally set at 24 months, has been reduced to 12.
For nations to retain the longer 18-month opt-out period previously allowed, they must send a brief notice to the World Health Organization indicating their objection to the amendments decided upon by the World Health Assembly in 2022.
This brings us to House Resolution 79 (The WHO Withdrawal Act), proposed on January 9, 2023, by Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona's 5th District.
H.R. 79 seeks to halt all United States funding of the World Health Organization and repeal the Act of June 14, 1948, which initiated the United States' membership in the WHO. This resolution initiates the one-year process to enable the United States to exit the WHO, with the new Speaker, Congress must push for this act and PASS IT!
Our Members of Congress must educate themselves on House Resolution 79 - The WHO Withdrawal Act - to better understand the risk to national sovereignty that comes with remaining a member of the World Health Organization.
Congress, it's time to exit the WHO. Our elected officials, who participate in UN summits, have let us down by reimposing mandates that infringe on our liberties. They must represent us! They must work toward freeing the United States from the UN and severing ties with the WHO, its questionable pandemic treaty, and IHR Amendments. They must uphold their oath, defend our constitution, and safeguard our freedom. Congress, leave the UN and reject the WHO!