Fellow Conservative,

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) was recently on CNN where he was asked how quickly Congress would act if the March 31st deadline passes with no nuclear agreement with Iran. He gave one word: “Very.”

Well, today is the deadline. All accounts say that if the administration does get a deal signed, it will be a horrible deal. That it will be worse than anyone could have imagined.

The latest leaks suggest that the White House is going to let Iran keep its centrifuges (the machinery necessary to enrich uranium) operational within its fortified underground research facility. Additionally, we’re receiving word that Iran is now refusing to surrender its stockpile of enriched uranium. They want to hold onto it. The only reason they could possibly want it is to maintain their ability to finish building a nuclear weapon.

And the White House is so desperate to get a deal signed that they’re willing to accept this. Instead of putting a stop to Iran’s nuclear weapons program once and for all, our President is willing to leave the door open for a nuclear-armed Iran.

So no, Speaker Boehner… the only reasonable response now is to do what this President has proven unwilling to do: bring Iran to its knees until they surrender, not us!

Iran won’t give up its enriched uranium and Obama wants to go ahead with the deal anyway. Enough is enough. Tell Congress to put a stop to this and reintroduce sanctions against Iran!

For months, Iran has been playing us. They have been stringing the Obama administration along to buy themselves more time. More time to fortify their research facilities… more time to enrich weapons-grade uranium… and more time to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Just as North Vietnam once pretended to negotiate peace in order to get the US to stop bombing their positions, the Islamic Republic of Iran is pretending to pursue peace while all evidence suggests they are preparing for war.

President Obama couldn’t possibly be this stupid. This has to be a deliberate surrender to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. No one could possibly interpret Ayatollah Khamenei’s chants of “Death of America” to be anything but a promise to destroy us. At least that is what Iran’s military leaders promised just one day before the nuclear deadline: to “crush” the United States and Israel.

President Obama so desperately wants a peace agreement and a lasting legacy that he is willing to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons in order to achieve it.

Not only is the White House willing to allow the Iranians to secretly enrich uranium in their underground research facility that is impervious to air assaults, but Iran will also be allowed to continue researching and building intercontinental ballistic missiles. These missiles have only one purpose: to deliver a nuclear payload across the globe. Even if Iran abides by the deal – which they won’t – they’ll be able to complete building a bomb in just 3 months and there is no guarantee that we will catch them in time.


John Boehner couldn’t be more wrong… a “very” quick response would have taken place weeks ago. By the time we catch Iran building its nuclear arsenal, it will be too late to act.

Ever since this President took office, he has violated the age-old government policy and chosen to negotiate with our terrorist enemies.

Obama has armed al-Qaeda in Syria. They are using American weapons to fight against the Assad regime. The President has negotiated and released five high-ranking terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for a soldier who deserted his post and sought out the enemy. And now, instead of forcing Iran to abandon its nuclear program entirely, the White House has proposed a nuclear deal with more holes in it than Swiss cheese. This has to stop!

What Obama is doing is dangerous, illegal, and unconstitutional! If Congress won’t stop this out-of-control President, you need to click and threaten to remove them from office!

We are facing a Constitutional crisis. The founding fathers knew that one man could not be trusted to guide the foreign policy of the United States. That is why they wrote Article II, Section 2 into the Constitution. The Treaty Clause is clear:

The President “shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…”

President Obama hasn’t asked for Congressional advice or consent and a majority of Senators openly oppose the administration’s concessions to Iran.

What the President is doing is unconstitutional and suicidal. The fact that President Obama plans to submit the agreement to the United Nations for ratification, instead of Congress, proves it!

The deal is falling apart. To agree to it now would give Iran the ability to easily break out and develop a nuclear bomb in just a matter of months. You cannot allow this President’s hubris to enable such a dangerous regime!

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have promised a swift response if the nuclear talks fail or if the deal is revealed to be suicidal. The time for that is NOW, but the only way that happens is if YOU demand it!

We’re out of time! Only you can force Congress to STOP Obama from surrendering to the Islamic Republic of Iran!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily