Dear Patriotic Conservative,

Tuesday’s Colorado Recall Election has been called by President Obama, “The example of true gun control!”  The strict, new gun control laws in Colorado are at the heart of the matter for the Tuesday election on September 10th.  It is a recall against a couple of senators which backed the gun-grabbing spotlight.  Democratic state senators John Morse and Angela Giron are the targets of the pro-gun activists.  Their positions are elevated by the moderate/liberal Governor John

Hickenlooper, who campaigned against the Second Amendment.  But much of the state is “rural” and attractive to hunters and gun enthusiasts.

It’s gained the national attention, especially in the fundraising field.  President Obama is excited that this might be the “litmus test” for gun control nationwide.  Anti-gun activists New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Eli Broad of Detroit have paid for over $700,000 for recent anti-gun ads.  On the pro-gun side, the National Rifle Association and the Koch Brothers group have put up just as much money. 

While this astounding gun control election plays out, Congress returns to Washington on Monday, facing six different pieces of gun control legislation!  And you must fax them to let them know they must vote against this legislation!

At the top of the anti-gun agenda in Washington is H.R. 3018.  President Obama and his anti-gun minions somehow have not been able to pass anti-gun legislation so far.  The next best thing for them:  TAX those who own and use guns!

And that is exactly what H.R. 3018 does.  Also known as the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act,” it provides for the increase of the excise tax and special occupational tax in respect to firearms and to increase the transfer tax on any other. 

Notify Congress to vote NO on H.R. 3018 and the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.”  Fax today to their office.

The state senators represent Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado in the southern area of the Rocky Mountain state.

With millions of dollars being spent on advertising, it seems to be a last-ditch, final stand for both sides.  President Obama is hoping that the senators are NOT recalled, so he can herald it as a true victory for gun control; one that he can spread across the nation. 

The laws which were enacted in March include a ban on magazines over 15 rounds, background check requirements for every sale in the state, and a new tax for those background checks.  Pro-gun activists say that the background check requirement effectively puts a HALT to private gun sales within the state.

It appears to be a “battle royal” and has featured many bitter campaign tactics.

But this is nothing new for the Obama and Bloomberg anti-gun steam-roller campaign strategy.

Fifty-five of the county sheriffs have filed suit in court against the gun control laws.  In past elections, as the sheriffs have voted, so vote the constituency, other than many urban centers.  But it is a fight to the finish! 


Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo says the fact that “55 out of 62 elected sheriffs” oppose the laws brings a lot of “momentum to the efforts” to overturn the gun control laws and to recall both Morse and Giron.  Tancredo also pointed out: “Sheriffs are probably the most respected elected officials in the state, so it carries a lot of clout when this many of them challenge the governor!”

Second Amendment rights are literally at stake in Colorado!

But the outcome of this recall effort has lasting implications nationally!

Urge Congress to vote NO on H.R. 3018 and the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.”  Be sure to Fax today!

Just like most voters in Colorado, I know you oppose any legislation involving gun control.  There are very specific freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment to our United States Constitution.

Just as the people in Colorado will take back their state on Tuesday, so will you and other pro-gun rights patriots take back the United States of America from the most anti-gun president that our great country has ever known!

I am trusting that these gun control laws will be OVERTURNED in Colorado, just as we continue to fight President Obama and his minions and his numerous Executive Orders to take away our gun rights.

Don’t let Congress approve taxes or fees that go against the pro-gun community under the “disguise” of safety.  Pure and simple, if they cannot pass gun control legislation, they will raise the taxes, which might have the exact same effect.

We are in a fight for the preservation of our freedoms.  Obama’s “millionaire and billionaire friends” are bank-rolling the twisted media to pass anti-gun legislation.  Don’t be fooled by these media moguls that are selling leftist policies to America, especially using fear-mongering through various shootings of children to actually “bring down” our United States Constitution!

Don’t let the gun-grabbing hysteria in Colorado infect your thinking.

Renew your efforts, today, to make sure Congress is preserving your right to own a gun.

Make sure the Congress of the United States votes NO on H.R. 3018 and the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.”

What exactly is H.R. 3018?


Here is how the summary of this ill-fated bill reads:

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase the excise tax and special occupational tax in respect of firearms and to increase the transfer tax on any other weapon.

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East Coast anti-gun leaders claim that if this recall succeeds, that gun control efforts nationally will be crippled!

That’s how important this recall election is to President Obama and to Mayor Bloomberg.  They are pulling out all of the stops with their fear-mongering advertisements, literally scaring the people of Colorado.  Some nerves are already on edge due to the Columbine school and the Aurora movie shootings.

But this makes it all the more important for females to own guns---for their protection.

You have the ability to protect your family from intruders.  This is a guaranteed right by the United States Constitution.

We want to make sure that the Colorado recall will not give a new thrust into the Obama administration parlaying the Colorado success into a renewed national effort to confiscate your guns.

In the meantime, your faxes must tell Congress to NOT raise the fees and taxes on weapons and the sale of weapons.

Enough is enough.  Please fax Congress today.

Notify Congress to vote NO on H.R. 3018 and the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.”  Fax today.


Joe Otto

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