Fellow Conservative,

Just kidding! We’ve known Obama was a tyrant from day one! But now, the fight against this tyranny has reached a new stage.

Barack Obama’s illegal immigration executive orders have officially reached the Supreme Court.

The President’s plan to legalize 5+ million illegal aliens and give them job permits will now be decided by 9 unelected, black robe judges.

But in reality, it will come down to what Justice Kennedy decides. He is the swing vote.

So one 79-year-old unelected judge will decide whether the country’s illegal aliens are allowed to stay and compete with Americans and legal immigrants for jobs.

That is NOT how this is supposed to work!

What the President of the United States did is illegal and unconstitutional. He has no right to afford benefits to people in this country illegally!

Why is Obama’s amnesty still moving forward? Hold Congress’ feet to the fire and force them to defund this program immediately!

The last time this came up, John Boehner was in charge. He was a total wuss. He was literally shaking in his boots when he had to decide what to do about Obama’s lawlessness.

If you remember, he said that he was going to let the courts decide. He refused to take any action until the court battle was exhausted.

We cannot afford to wait that long. We cannot allow a single Supreme Court Justice to cast the deciding vote on this. It is simply too important.

John Boehner is gone. He’s no longer in the equation. So why on Earth are we still following his lead?

When Obama originally announced his executive orders, Paul Ryan promised that Congress would stop the President’s “blatantly unconstitutional” amnesty.

It’s time to call in that promise!

Obama’s amnesty is still funded. FaxBlast Congress and force them to pull the rug out from under Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty executive order!

We can’t leave this up to fate. We can’t just assume that other people will take care of this.

The very future of the Republic will be determined by what we do right now. Future generations will read about this fight and know that brave Patriots stood up for the Constitution and the rule of law.

When my children or grand children ask me what I did to stop Obama’s lawlessness, I want my answer to be “everything I possibly could.”

What will your answer be?

Don’t give up now! Force Paul Ryan and the rest of Congress to defund Obama’s amnesty NOW!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily