Dear Conservative,

Do you realize what the Obama administration is risking by leaving our southern border open and unsecure?

Do you understand the threat that we face by allowing ANYONE to just walk into the United States?

Government officials have gone on record and said that they are extremely nervous because it seems that ISIS – the terrorist organization that recently beheaded an American journalist – is actively communicating and partnering with Mexican drug cartels.

We have seen them use the same tactics, we have seen them share the same brutality, and we have government officials on record saying that there is evidence to suggest the two are working together!

An open border is a national security threat! Demand that Congress STOP Obama from opening our border to criminals and terrorists!

Think about that… there is evidence that suggests Middle East terrorists are collaborating with Mexican drug cartels… And the government is doing NOTHING to secure the border. In fact, Border Patrol isn’t even stationed at the border. They are positioned MILES away and only catch illegals after they’ve made it into the country! By then it is too late because Obama has already promised not to deport them!

So let’s get this straight…

The government is just letting anyone walk across the border and enter the United States. Even though the administration knows that Mexican cartels are collaborating with Middle East terrorists, they are still leaving the border open and unsecure!

But it gets even worse than that. Not only are we broadcasting to the terrorists that we won’t stop them from crossing the border, but the TSA has also announced that it is no longer requiring illegal aliens to show a government-issued photo ID when trying to board an airplane. Instead of forcing these illegals to show a photo ID, they are only required to show a “Notice to Appear,” a piece of paper that states their court date. This is nothing but a piece of paper with a court date and a couple of signatures. An 8-year old could probably forge it!

This isn’t an exaggeration… this is the new TSA policy. So, we now live in a world where terrorists can just walk across the border and then board an airplane, absolutely no questions asked.

This is unacceptable. We are advertising this to the world, giving terrorists a blueprint to get into the United States and onto a commercial airline without ever having to prove their identities.

What on earth is wrong with this country? The TSA is more than willing to give elderly American passengers a cavity search, but illegal aliens can get on flights without even providing ID.


Does the government not realize that this is a huge security risk, putting EVERY American in danger? Or does the Obama administration simply not care?

There is no alternative… either the administration is ignorant or complicit in this…

Considering how Border Patrol has received stand-down orders and directed to move away from the border, I have no choice but to think that this entire border crisis is by design. In fact, I know it is by design. This whole crisis at the border was designed to get more Hispanic immigrants to come to the United States and become Democrat voters.

But right now, none of that matters if an Arab terrorist is able to sneak into the country and get onto a commercial airline. We cannot allow that to happen!

ISIS terrorists have promised to bomb an American city and raise their flag over the White House. As long as the border remains unsecure and illegal aliens are allowed to board airplanes without showing ID, those threats remain an ever-present possibility.

Because of this, you MUST demand that Congress secure the border and force EVERYONE attempting to fly on a commercial airline to prove his or her identity!

We simply cannot risk it!

An open border is a national security threat! Demand that Congress STOP Obama from opening our border to criminals and terrorists!

Sick and tired of this nonsense,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily