Dear Conservative,

As you are well aware, Congress didn’t pass a lot of laws during 2013. All in all, only 65 public laws were actually signed by President Obama and put into effect.

You can blame that on gridlock, which is certainly the case. However some gridlock is a healthy reminder that while things might be at a standstill, no single party is able to control the entire government.

James Madison designed the Congress this way in order to allow factions and political parties to compete with one another, ultimately preventing any one group from controlling the body.

Yet while gridlock may have consumed Capitol Hill, it hasn’t reached 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue yet, and probably never will.

You see, while Congress only put 65 laws into effect this past year, the Obama administration pushed through a whopping 3,659 new rules and regulations. So for every law that your elected representatives put into effect, unelected bureaucrats are writing 56 new burdensome regulations! Does anyone care that Obama is literally writing his own laws? Does ‘taxation without representation’ ring a bell?

Tell Congress to reassert their authority and STOP King Obama from forcing his agenda on the American people!

These numbers are absolutely staggering because they tell a different story than the “gridlock” narrative we hear from the news media. Washington isn’t in gridlock, because Obama has lived up to his promise to step over Congress if necessary. In just 2013 alone, Obama has enacted 56 times more rules and regulations than Congress did!

But this has been the story of Obama’s entire Presidency. For a so-called “Constitutional law professor,” Barack Obama sure likes to shred the Constitution and act unilaterally. Obama has promised his supporters that he will not sit by and wait for Congress to act on his agenda. And in 2013, he proved that…

Congress wouldn’t pass Immigration reform? Don’t worry, Obama granted amnesty through his executive orders!

Congress wouldn’t pass gun control? Have no fear! Obama used every ounce of his executive power to infringe on our Second Amendment rights!

Congress wouldn’t fight “global warming?” That’s what Obama is for! He used the Environmental Protection Agency to add more regulations and penalties, ultimately forcing American businesses to close their doors.

Remember that 906 page train-wreck called Obamacare? Well, Obama’s regulations have made the healthcare law THIRTY TIMES longer!

Contrary to what Obama thinks, this isn’t the 18th Century and the United States does not have a king. For better or for worse, we each have two Senators and one Congressman or woman whose sole purpose is to represent us. Many times, these Legislators act against our interests, leading us to mail in our grievances to them, or just elect someone else. But even if we didn’t vote for our legislators, they are still working on our behalf. Every one of their votes is on behalf of their constituents.

But in the age of Obama, the American people have no voice. The only thing that seems to get done in Washington, DC is Obama’s agenda. While Democrats and Republicans battle over public policy on Capitol Hill, Barack Obama is quietly overstepping Congress and enacting his own agenda.

This isn’t cute. This isn’t an “ends justify the means” scenario. This is TYRANNY, plain and simple!

In 1776, our forefathers fought a war when an overbearing dictator and unelected representatives tried to impose burdensome regulations. The same thing is happening now, and no one seems to care that this Administration is out of control. What are you going to do about it?

 Fax Congress until they reassert their authority and STOP King Obama from forcing his agenda on the American people!

It really is perfectly clear. Article I of the United States Constitution grants “all legislative powers” to the Congress. The President CANNOT write the laws how he sees fit. Yet over the years, the power of the Executive Branch has expanded, allowing the President and his Administration to add “reasonable” rules and regulations to already existing laws.

The effect, however, is that we now have laws written more by unelected bureaucrats than by your elected representatives!

That is what the American colonists were so furious over in 1776. It wasn’t that taxation itself was an abomination. The Colonists were furious over the fact that taxes were being written by unelected legislators and enacted by a power-hungry King George. They were so angry that they fought a war over this simple principle: taxation without representation is unacceptable on the North American continent.

Unfortunately, tyranny has reared its ugly head once again. And the results are real!

The President has pushed through gun control, immigration reform, and environmental regulations without ANY Congressional approval! And when Congress does pass a law, the Obama Administration adds 56 more rules and regulations!

The time for outrage is over. It is time to act!

It is time to force Congress to reclaim its legislative authority from this tyrannical President. Obama doesn’t work for you. He works for the career voters who come out every four years to vote for socialism and more government handouts! He works for the special interest that financed his campaign by giving these donors millions of dollars in government contracts! And worst of all, Obama works to build monuments for himself at the expense of the American people!

Every four years the career voters put Obama in office, and then it is up to us to reclaim Congress during the midterm elections. But we can’t afford to let King Obama have another year to ruin this great country.

We need to stop him now! And we need every Conservative to Fax Congress and force them to reclaim their legislative authority from this power-hungry Administration.

We have been given a priceless gift from our forefathers: the right to self-governance. All that is necessary for Obama to succeed is for good Patriots like us to sit back and assume that someone else will take care of it.

You have the ability to force Congress to act. Your voice has power. But if we all raise our voices together, we can get this country back on track and STOP King Obama from ruling by executive fiat.

Tell Congress to reassert their authority and STOP King Obama from forcing his agenda on the American people!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily