Dear Conservative,

Getting Americans back to work has to be the first order of business for Congress in 2014! But as far as Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are concerned, America is better off when more people are on unemployment and rely on government assistance!

For the past 5 years, Members of Congress have promised us that they would not rest until they put Americans back to work. And since Obama took office, the US economy has added over 1.2 million new jobs. Unfortunately, the majority of these new jobs were only part time jobs, offering employees less than 40 hours a week and paying close to minimum wage. 

Under Obama's "leadership," the federal government used hundreds of billions of stimulus dollars to create hundreds of thousands of part-time jobs. Yet the Democrats seldom mention how much each of these jobs cost the American taxpayers.

In 2008, then-candidate Obama promised that his administration would create 5 million new "green" jobs in the renewable energy industry. While the Obama administration did create a number of these green jobs, each green job cost you, the American taxpayer, approximately $11.35 Million! 

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that federal government spending has resulted in 200,000 to 1,500,000 new American jobs.

Tell Congress to cut taxes so business owners can create jobs, instead of just increasing individuals' dependency on government assistance!

Nancy Pelosi has promised that her first order of business in 2014 will be to extend the long-term unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. Pelosi stated that it would be "simply immoral" to deny unemployed Americans an extension of their benefits.

Is she serious? This is the same Nancy Pelosi who claimed in 2009 that if Congress didn't give away taxpayer money through the Stimulus, that "500 million Americans [would] lose their jobs." In Nancy Pelosi's world, if it wasn't for the federal government, 159% of Americans would have apparently lost their jobs...

Today, unemployment remains high and enrollment in Federal food stamp programs has never been higher. This is by design!

In 2012, Nancy Pelosi proclaimed that spending Federal money on unemployment and food stamp programs provided the "biggest bang for the buck." Pelosi honestly believes that she can stimulate the economy by giving people free food and free money! But you and I both know that's not how economic recoveries work...

The way to stimulate the economy is to cut taxes so that job creators can invest in their businesses to create more long-term jobs. The government simply cannot create enough jobs. The Federal government's payroll is bloated enough as it is. Think of all the "non-essential" government employees who were told to stay home from work in October. The Federal government may be able to create jobs, but a large percentage of them are literally non-essential...

It takes someone truly delusional to believe that the Democrat job programs have been successful. At every step, the Democrats have made it HARDER for businesses to hire employees. Obamacare, the biggest job killer of them all, is predicted to cost 800,000 Americans their full-time jobs! Obama's EPA and the Democrats' Cap and Trade program will ultimately kill millions of American jobs, and that is just according to one Liberal think-tank!

Tell Congress to cut taxes so business owners can create jobs, instead of just increasing individuals' dependency on government assistance!

The Democrats have showed their hand. They plan to extend long-term unemployment benefits in order to make Americans even more dependent on the Federal government! This is the Democrats' first order of business in 2014... Is this what you think Congress should be focusing on?

President Reagan created almost five times as many jobs in his first term than Obama did in his. But while Obama might not have created nearly as many jobs, there are now twice as many Americans on food stamps as there were under Reagan. In many states, it is actually more lucrative to collect unemployment and food stamps than it is to work a full time job! That's absolutely ridiculous!

This will be Obama's claim to fame: increasing government dependency!

But it doesn't have to be this way... Next year doesn't have to be this way!

Congress will come back in session and the Democrats and RINOs will return to Washington eager to expand federal entitlement programs. 

Imagine if every one of us faxed Congress in opposition to the expansion of these entitlement programs! Imagine if these Congressmen and Senators returned to their offices, only to find piles of angry faxes from us!

If we all fax Congress and let them know that entitlement program expansion is UNACCEPTABLE, we can shape the debate! We can stop them!

Tell Congress that the only way to grow the economy is to reduce the tax burden on small business owners, and that it is unacceptable to expand Obama's already bloated entitlement programs!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily