Fellow Conservative,

Ask any conservative and they’re likely to tell you that the Second Amendment protects all the rest. This is definitely true, but the First and Second Amendments both serve a distinct role in defending ALL of our constitutional and human rights.

When a right is threatened, the 1st Amendment allows us to peacefully protest. When a right is abolished, the 2nd Amendment allows for us to get it back.

But the 1st Amendment also allows us to talk about guns. That’s pretty obvious, right? If you want to talk about firearms on the Internet and join clubs or organizations celebrating the right to keep and bear arms, you have every right to.

Well, that was true until now. Back in 2010, President Obama used an executive action to create what he called the Export Control Reform Initiative. Five years later, this has become the biggest threat to the bill of rights in recent memory.

The Obama administration is finalizing a new regulation that, if enacted, would make it ILLEGAL to share any detailed and technical firearm knowledge on the Internet. No, this is not a joke!

Now Obama wants to stop you from even talking about guns. Demand that Congress stops this unconstitutional regulation before it’s too late!

The State Department has taken it upon itself to regulate firearms being trafficked out of the country. Known as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), these rules control the import and export of defense-related articles and services.

Stopping someone from sending weapons to an African warlord is one thing, but now the State Department believes it has the power to regulate and outlaw firearm knowledge on the Internet. They want to make you a criminal for sharing firearm knowledge online, even if it means violating your free-speech rights!

It’s important to understand where this all came from. In the 1990s, computer scientists came up with what was, at the time, unbreakable computer security software. They combined series of numbers, letters, and symbols and what they got was an unbreakable code. Instead of allowing this software to be shared with the world, the State Department classified it as “munitions” and outlawed it from being disseminated.

The State Department is taking this same principle and trying to expand it to regulate even more protected free speech! According to the latest update to the Federal Register, the State Department is aiming to “address the electronic transmission and storage of unclassified ‘technical data’ via foreign communications infrastructure.” In layman’s terms: if you talk about firearms online, and foreigners could possibly learn from it, it would be outlawed.

If an American posts a video online detailing how to clean a gun, he or she would be breaking the law. If a blogger posts an article about the pros and cons of a specific firearm, they’d be breaking the law as well.

This is free speech. If you or any other American wants to talk about firearms on the Internet, that is your God-given right. But as far as the Obama administration is concerned, this is no different than sending gun parts overseas to the Taliban!

Your 1st AND 2nd Amendment rights are under attack and unless you rise to defend them both right now, you won’t even recognize them!

There’s still time! Don’t let President Obama get away with this obviously unconstitutional executive action!

This is a cut-and-dry case of the Obama administration going too far. The penalty for breaking these new regulations is up to a million dollars and 20-years in prison!

It has never been easier to get into the shooting sports. Never shot a gun before? Don’t worry, there are tons of resources online to teach you how. Scared about disassembling and cleaning your gun for the first time? There are YouTube videos there to show you the way.

Everything you need to know about guns is at your disposal on the Internet and you are free to add to that discussion. However, the Obama administration wants to make all of this illegal.

This is nothing but an attempt to attack the first two amendments of the Bill of Rights. This new regulation was hidden within last week’s Federal Registry announcements. If the Obama administration got its way, it would have stayed hidden.

But now you know and with that knowledge comes a responsibility to STOP it from going into effect!

We only have a short amount of time before this proposed rule change becomes permanent! It is up to you to reach out to every single Congressman and Senator and force them to stop this unconstitutional executive action!

The future of the First and Second Amendments could hinge on this! Tell Congress to STOP Obama from enacting this unconstitutional regulation!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily