Dear Conservative,

All of the tools are coming into place for the Federal Government to have complete control over what conservatives say and write on the internet!

Senate Democrats are voting on a resolution that will gut the First Amendment and the government is funding the development of a system that would allow them to target ‘undesirable’ conservative speech!

Your First Amendment rights are under attack! Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from controlling free speech!

The media is supposed to hold this President accountable. The founding fathers believed that the national media would serve as a “fourth branch” of government, designed to hold tyrannical administrations accountable. However, all the big news outlets seem to be doing is providing political cover for a President that has completely checked out!

The Federal Government controls the media. Whether it is done through bullying tactics in the FCC, planting spies in newsrooms, or demanding that the media cover stories in a certain way, this happens on a daily basis. But the administration hasn’t figured out how to control youThe government hasn’t figured out how to control what everyday citizens write on social media… yet!

We are getting reports that the Federal government has dumped almost $1 million into funding a system that combs through the Internet and finds social media posts that, according to government bureaucrats, contain “false and misleading ideas.”

The government is becoming Big Brother more and more everyday!

The funding is being funneled through the National Science Foundation and the new system will identify Facebook and Twitter posts that contain political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.”

You have a constitutional right to say and write whatever you want. But now, the Federal Government is trying to go after average citizens and control what they are allowed to say on the Internet!

Barack Obama and Senate Democrats believe that the First Amendment doesn’t even apply to average citizens. Democrats want the power to determine who qualifies as a “journalist.”

When the Senate reconvenes in a little more than a week, a vote will be scheduled on a constitutional amendment that guts the First Amendment and gives the government the authority to suppress speech. This isn’t a joke and it isn’t fear mongering. The constitutional amendment has already passed through the Senate Judiciary committee and the next step is a full vote on the Senate floor, which Harry Reid has promised!

Now, we learn that the administration is funding a system to monitor political speech it doesn’t agree with and the Left’s goal couldn’t be any clearer.

The Federal Government HATES that you have the power to write whatever you want online. It HATES that you have a First Amendment right to fully participate in the political and electoral processes! So, the Senate is voting on a Constitutional Amendment to give the government the power to control political speech.

And now, $1 million has been spent on creating a computer system to achieve this goal by flagging what the government calls social pollution.” That’s code for conservative ideas!

Right now, the Left is pushing hard to redefine and dismantle the First Amendment. The administration is developing a system to achieve this goal by going after conservative speech.

The Federal Government has absolutely no business controlling what citizens say or write on the Internet! Congress has the legal and constitutional authority to defund this invasive program and stop the assault on your First Amendment rights. But Congress won’t act unless brave patriots like you demand it!

Your First Amendment rights are under attack! Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from controlling free speech!

I will not be silenced,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily