Dear Conservative,

We have all heard the horrors associated with the common core agenda; how these teaching methods take math problems and make them harder to understand for no reason at all. Science classes are pushing global warming theories and we have heard rumors of a complete overhaul of the history and civics programs.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is far worse than we ever expected… The rumors were true.

The College Board – the organization that runs High School Advanced Placement (AP) tests and controls course lesson plans – has announced dramatic changes to its U.S. history curriculum.

It is important to note that College Board is not run by a government entity, however it has tremendous power over school curriculum because students want to take as many Advanced Placement tests as possible in order to gain college credit. The non-profit organization is also run by David Coleman, one of the architects behind the common core movement.

The brightest students in High School take these AP tests. An estimated 450,000 students will take the AP U.S. History exam this coming year and I was SHOCKED to learn about the changes made to High School history curriculum this year!

The entire U.S. History curriculum has taken a dramatic leftist turn.

James Madison (the author of the Constitution), Thomas Jefferson (the author of the Declaration of Independence), Benjamin Franklin, Alexis de Tocqueville, Abraham Lincoln and countless other founders and historical figures have been removed from the curriculum.

Instead of teaching students about these forward-thinking individuals, the curriculum will instead focus on America’s shortcomings. These are the men who gave the world modern representative government, and instead of showing how influential they were, the new curriculum will only focus on their shortcomings!

Instead of focusing on how Thomas Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, you can expect High School students to focus on how Jefferson allegedly fathered children with his slaves!

Please help STOP the liberal indoctrination of our children! Demand that Congress put an end to this leftist curriculum!

Instead of focusing on the early Americans’ accomplishments, the new framework teaches that the colonists brought “widespread deadly epidemics,” a “caste system,” and slavery. The Europeans’ “belief in white superiority” was used, the curriculum declares, “to justify

Students will no longer be taught that America was created as a shining “city on a hill.” Instead, the framework will focus on the fact that British colonists created a racial hierarchy.

There is a concerted effort within government and the textbook publishers to change the way high school students are taught about America. Our kids are being taught that America is evil when they should be taught that we are exceptional!

The kids are the future and instead of being taught America’s greatness, they are being taught just the opposite.

The College Board contends that teachers aren’t required to stick to their curriculum… they are free to teach their own material as well. However, only the approved material will be on the final exams!

Larry Krieger, a teacher who has taught U.S. history for 35 years and written many widely used AP exam prep books, said that when he first saw the new material, he was shocked and dismayed.

“It’s relentless left-wing indoctrination,” he said, calling it “antithetical to everything that I believe about teaching and our country’s history.”

The response from history teachers has been huge. However, they have been threatened with losing their AP teaching license if they leak any of the teaching guides.

That, however, hasn’t stopped a number of teachers from commenting on the changes.

We are witnessing a coordinated, two-pronged effort to federalize our school curriculum and shift it dramatically to the left. Common core was introduced and implemented before many American parents knew what was going on. The fight against common core is just starting to break, but there is still a long battle ahead because the curriculum has already been implemented.

However, we still have time to put a stop to this liberal indoctrination!

Our kids should be taught of America’s greatness and the fact that we live in a country built around protected human rights.

Instead, teachers will now be forced to teach that America is one of the most genocidal regimes ever to exist!

Our children should be taught that the United States is unique because it facilitates individual achievement and allows citizens to meet their potential.

Instead, teachers will focus on inequality and push a social justice agenda on our kids!

Please help STOP the liberal indoctrination of our children! Demand that Congress put an end to this leftist curriculum!

The solution is simple: this new curriculum is nothing short of liberal brainwashing. It is nothing but an attempt to spread propaganda and create a new generation of American liberals.

The Left expects you to just take this sitting down. Liberals expect for you to just pay no attention to what children are being taught today in our schools.

Just as common core was established before most American parents, lawmakers, and school districts even knew it existed, the new AP U.S. History Exam solidify a contentious and politicized national school curriculum without proper notice or debate.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexis de Tocqueville, and a full understanding of our founding principles are being removed from the curriculum. Ethnicity, race, and gender are on the way in! This is a clear violation of the Constitution’s guarantee that education remains in control of the states!

Help us reclaim our children’s education! Say no to liberal and radical school curriculum!

Please help STOP the liberal indoctrination of our children! Demand that Congress put an end to this leftist curriculum!