Fellow Conservative,

It has finally happened. The White House just gave the final green light to admit 2,500 Middle Eastern refugees that Australia has already turned away.

These are people from the Middle East and South East Asia who arrived in Australia by boat, applied for refugee status, and were refused entry. They were either determined to be a drain on the welfare system or, in many cases, deemed a threat to national security.

The White House has finalized a “deal” with Australia to take every last one of them. I use the word deal lightly because we gain absolutely nothing from this. The only thing we get is a larger number of radicalized immigrants!

Don't let Obama bring these dangerous refugees into the United States! Send your message to Congress and DEMAND they block this international agreement from going into effect!

Obama administration officials are already working in Australia to process these refugee applications. They understand they are working against the clock. With Donald Trump taking office in just 28 days now, the administration doesn’t have time to put these people through the expedited 3-4 month vetting process.

It is widely understood to take 18-24 months to fully process a refugee application. Over the past year, the Obama's State Department has sped this up to just 3-4 months in order to bring as many refugees into the US as possible. It is impossible to do 2 years worth of vetting in just 3-4 months!

These refugees have already been determined to be “high risk” by one of our allies. Australia spent months vetting these people and determined it made no sense to admit them.

Now Obama swoops in and promises to resettle them in the United States?

We the People say, "NO!"

State Department officials are officially expediting the US-Australia refugee resettlement agreement! Send your urgent FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress intervene and stop this from happening!

The German police now have a new suspect in this weekend’s Christmas Market Attack. Their suspect is a 24-year-old Tunisian refugee named Anis Amri.

German authorities knew that Amri was a radical months ago and even tried to get him deported. But the bureaucracy slowed down the process and ultimately, he disappeared off their radar. Now, 12 people are dead and dozens more are wounded. An entire continent is afraid to celebrate Christmas.

All because one refugee slipped through… More importantly, it illustrates how hard it is to keep tabs on everyone brought into the country.

Out of the 2,500 refugees that Australia turned away for national security reasons, how many do you think are radicalized? How many do you think are sympathetic to jihadi causes?

The White House is working around the clock to bring these people here as fast as possible because they know the program ends in less than a month.

But as the clock winds down on the Obama Presidency, he proves that he has never been more dangerous. He just inked a deal with a foreign country to take the refugees they turned away, all without Congressional approval.

Don’t let them get away with importing any more radicals or terrorists!

FaxBlast Congress right now and DEMAND they shut down Obama’s unconstitutional refugee agreement with Australia!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily