J6 Committee Deletes 117 encrypted files?! Cruel Conditions in DC Gulag - Release the J6 Prisoners & Demand Access to Deleted Files!
Our government's response to January 6th is still evolving, revealing one glaring truth: those who participated in the January 6th protests were engaging in a peaceful demonstration. Unfortunately, these individuals were subsequently wrongfully harassed, charged, and stripped of their rights by our government for attempting to address their grievances. Presently, the government is accused of fabricating and deleting evidence while manipulating the narrative to portray innocence. It is imperative for Congress to call for the immediate release of the January 6th protesters and restore liberty and justice to our nation.
Since the three-year anniversary of January 6th, more developments about the treatment in the DC gulags have emerged. Evidence has been fabricated and deleted by the J6 committee, and the J6 protesters are still being held as political prisoners. Recently, during a massive cold front with temperatures reaching below zero, J6 protesters in the DC gulag faced a prolonged heating system outage.
Chris, a J6 political prisoner, shared a distressing message during this period: "We have had no heat or hot water for 48 hours. The inside temperature is probably about 55 degrees (no exaggeration). The guards are wearing hoodies, jackets, and wool winter hats in the c3a pod. No extra blankets have been distributed. Please broadcast this message to local news and online. Inform Congress and the Marshals."
This situation is a clear violation of the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, including torture, deliberately degrading punishment, or punishment that is too severe for the crime committed. A heating system outage with temperatures around 55 degrees is cruel and degrading, and the failure to provide blankets and jackets exacerbates the abuse endured by these individuals.
In addition to the rights violations, the J6 committee conveniently deleted 117 encrypted files just before the GOP took over the majority in the House of Representatives. According to Trump, these files would exonerate him from claims of insurrection. A forensic team has fortunately recovered all 117 deleted and encrypted files, prompting the need for Congress to investigate them, examine the individuals responsible for the deletions, and hold them accountable for removing crucial documents and evidence.
Congress must address the serious issues surrounding January 6th. Firstly, they must acknowledge the clear violation of rights that J6 political prisoners are enduring. Additionally, an investigation is needed to hold the officers at the DC gulags accountable for failing to provide prisoners with adequate blankets and clothing. Congress must work towards releasing all J6 political prisoners, presenting any evidence supporting their innocence, and ensuring justice prevails. Congress, it is crucial to release the J6 prisoners, review the 117 encrypted files, and restore justice and liberty to our nation.