Fellow Conservative,

The House Freedom Caucus is officially filing a privileged resolution to force an impeachment vote. This would not be possible without YOUR activism!

Just like Hillary Clinton, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen lied to Congress about the destruction of evidence during an active investigation.

Under Commissioner Koskinen’s watch, the IRS destroyed 422 back-up tapes that contained as many as 24,000 emails pertaining to the IRS’ illegal targeting of Conservative organizations.

“This is unacceptable,” Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan declared.

Just today, we are getting word that an Appeals Court has handed down a blistering ruling demanding that the IRS prove that it is no longer illegally targeting Conservative groups, thrusting the issue back into the spotlight. They aren’t even convinced that the IRS has stopped its targeting program!

Here’s the deal: the Freedom Caucus officially filed a privileged resolution before Congress went on recess, meaning that a vote MUST be held on whether to impeach this Obama bureaucrat as soon as Congress returns.

The reasoning is clear. The IRS was under a legally binding preservation order. John Koskinen said that all evidence was being safeguarded and would be handed over to Congressional investigators. However, he knew this was a lie. The IRS disregarded the preservation order and destroyed valuable evidence. Not only did they wipe the servers clean, mind you, but also they had them physically incinerated and melted down.

This lie alone is enough to impeach the IRS Commissioner.

Did you know that Obama’s IRS Commissioner was just caught in another lie to Congress! Quick, send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress vote to impeach this criminal bureaucrat!

We are now learning that not only did the FBI know that this was going on for years, but they had more than enough evidence to recommend indictment.

The papers show that the Obama administration knew about the IRS targeting scheme at least 2 years before Congress.

The FBI found evidence that the IRS was deliberately targeting Conservative groups based on their ideology. The investigator told then-acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller about the findings and he had just two words to say.

“Oh sh-t.”

But this is serious. Not only has John Koskinen lied under oath about his department’s destruction of evidence, but also he lied under oath about when the IRS learned of this and what was found from the preliminary investigations. The IRS knew about this for years and still did nothing.

From the very beginning, Koskinen declared that the actions taken against Conservative groups were ‘mistakes.’ These new documents, however, prove this was a lie. The actions the IRS took against Conservative groups were deliberate and not only did Lois Lerner know about it for years and allow it to continue, but the IRS itself tried to sweep it under the rug.

With your help, we have sent more than half a million faxes to Congress demanding that they hold a vote to impeach Obama’s IRS Commissioner.

After more than a year of advocacy, YOU got the House Freedom caucus to do just that. They filed a privileged resolution!

A privileged resolution is a parliamentary maneuver allowing for Congressmen to have more leverage in forcing a vote. It is only used in exceptional circumstances. Under the House Rules, a privileged resolution requires that a vote be held 2 days after filing.

This is going to happen. As soon as the House comes back in session, a vote will have to be held on whether or not to impeach Obama’s IRS Commissioner. With the new evidence revealed today, the answer must be YES!

We are so close! Please, send one more FaxBlast and help bring this across the finish line! Tell Congress to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen!

This isn’t some political fight. A government official lied to Congress. He declared that Lois Lerner’s hard drives and data were being protected even though he already knew they were incinerated and being recycled. He declared that investigations found no deliberate wrongdoing. Both lies.

Here we have an IRS official (Lerner) who targeted Conservative organizations to prevent them from mobilizing against the President in an election year and instead of obeying the legal preservation order, the IRS started destroying the evidence. Then, the head of the IRS lied to Congress about it.

This is perjury and qualifies as “high crimes and misdemeanors,” giving Congress the authority to impeach him.

An impeachment vote will be held. This is all thanks to you. You convinced these Congressmen that this is worth fighting for.

But this is not enough. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels. Now is not the time to celebrate that we took it this far.

We need to bring this across the finish line.

The House will be holding a vote on this when it comes back into session. It is up to YOU now to make sure they vote in the affirmative.

It is up to you now. Please, take the time to FaxBlast Congress and tell them to vote to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen!

We are so close,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily