Earlier this year, President Trump accused members of the Obama administration of spying on members of his campaign and transition team. While the mainstream media took his allegations of wiretaps literally, what Trump was accusing the Obama White House of doing was spying on his team without a warrant.

For months, we've known how they did this. They unmasked Trump aides who were caught up in domestic and international surveillance.

Under the Constitution, the government must have a warrant in order to spy on Americans. We know that the Obama administration tried to get a warrant to spy on then-Candidate Trump, but were rejected by the FISA court. This was one of just a dozen rejections in the entire history of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court.

So without a warrant, the Obama administration wasn't allowed to spy on Trump. If they happened to listen in on Trump phone calls incidentally, the law required for the names of Trump team members to be redacted. Well, Susan Rice has finally admitted that she was the one who went in and "unmasked" those names. It was a work-around to spy on Trump without a warrant.

Susan Rice was asked on camera whether she knew anything about the attempts to spy on Trump and his team. She said "no." Last week, she sang a different tune when she was grilled by Congress. She admitted to spying on Trump's team. The Obama White House didn't like that President-Elect Trump was talking to foreign leaders without including the Obama administration. It was 100% political.

The National Security Advisor couldn't spy on the Trump transition team without President Obama knowing about it. The question is now "What did Obama know and when did he know it?"

 Don't let them sweep this under the rug! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to subpoena and question Susan Rice on attempts to illegally spy on the Trump campaign!

Someone has to go to prison over this. The Obama administration weaponized the country's surveillance to spy on Donald Trump and his campaign, both before and after he won.

Susan Rice was seen smiling when she walked out of her Congressional hearing. Even though she admitted to Congress that she spied on Donald Trump and his aides, she believes that she is untouchable. And the media is covering it all up and even applauding her lawlessness.

Throughout her career, Rice has spewed lie after lie. She lied to the American people about Benghazi and blamed a terror attack on a YouTube video, even though she knew that was a lie. When the intelligence revealed that Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan to seek out the Taliban, Rice tried to sell the American people on the lie that Bergdahl "served with honor and distinction."

Now we have her on tape saying she knew nothing about Obama's attempts to spy on candidate and President Elect Trump, only to admit to doing just that a few months later.

When this evidence emerged that Susan Rice used her office to spy on a political opponent – the incoming President – the media swept it under the rug. Nothing to see here…

And now, Susan Rice and the Obama officials are taunting us. They’re taunting Congress, daring them to act.

No subpoenas. No orders to testify under oath. The GOP establishment wants to let these criminals get away with it.

Don’t let that happen!

Someone's going to prison! Tell Congress they MUST subpoena Susan Rice and the rest of her team - including Obama himself - or else!

We now know for a fact that Susan Rice spied on the Trump campaign without a warrant. That is a crime.

Yet, the GOP leadership doesn't seem to care. They are more interested in sabotaging the Trump Presidency than holding these Obama criminals accountable.

Don't let these criminals walk!

Don't let them cover this up! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to launch a full investigation into Susan Rice's crimes!

Lock. Them. All. Up.

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily