Fellow Conservative,

As you probably know, the first presidential debate is tonight. The ratings are expected to be record-breaking.

While everyone is focused on the Hillary versus Trump matchup, the Turncoat Republicans are hard at work behind the scenes pushing to confirm Obama’s judicial nominees.

New CNN polls show Trump ahead in Colorado, down by just 1 pt. in Pennsylvania, and the latest Bloomberg poll has him winning nationwide by 2 pts.

If the election was held today, polling suggests that Donald Trump would win.

This week, Trump released a list of an additional 10 prospective Supreme Court nominees, including Utah Senator Mike Lee. Days later, Ted Cruz came out and endorsed Trump as well.

All of this absolutely terrifies many within the GOP. The fact that they might have to actually confirm Conservative judges is terrifying them. So, they are going to give Obama exactly what he wants!

Judiciary surrender is imminent! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to block any and all attempts to confirm Obama’s leftist nominees!

We’re not just talking Merrick Garland, anymore. We are talking about all of Obama’s judicial nominees.

Right now, the US Judiciary has 97 vacancies. Of those, Barack Obama has nominated 59 people to fill them.

Merrick Garland is obviously one of them but this number also includes the 44 pending District Court nominations and 7 nominees to the Appeals Courts.

If these liberal men and women are added to these benches, it will have disastrous consequences on your first amendment rights, second amendment rights, privacy rights… on environmental regulations, immigration, executive overreach….

If 59 liberal judges are added to these benches, the nation will never recover.

The unfortunate news is that the votes are there. Last year, Harry Reid changed the Senate Rules to allow for non-Supreme Court vacancies to be filled with just a simple majority vote.

That means that it takes just FOUR Turncoat Republicans to vote with the Democrats to push the majority of these nominees through.

Ten Republican Senators broke ranks and voted with Democrats to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Still don’t think the votes are there?

If Sens. Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, and Mark Kirk all vote with Democrats – which they usually do – then these nominees would be confirmed. That is how close we are…

No new leftists on the bench! FaxBlast Congress now and DEMAND they stop the GOP turncoats from pushing Obama’s leftist nominees through!

In the coming days, these Republican traitors will have the ability to bypass GOP leadership and force a vote on these nominees.

They would rather take the nominees that Obama has put forward than risk Donald Trump making his nominations.

If that means surrendering the country in the process, so be it…

You cannot allow this to happen!

Don’t let the Turncoat Republicans get away with it! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to block any and all attempts to confirm Obama’s leftist nominees!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily