Fellow Conservative,

Here at Conservative Daily, we make an effort to not focus on the same issue two days in a row. We are breaking our own rule for this. It is too important.

As we reported, John Podesta – Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman – announced over the weekend that the campaign wanted the Electoral College to get a full intelligence briefing on “Russian interference” in the election.

When Podesta made his announcement, there were 10 Electoral College electors who were demanding a briefing. One day later, that number has now jumped to FORTY electors.

We now have Harry Reid declaring that Trump’s election is a massive conspiracy and as big a deal as 9/11. Think about that for a second… They are saying that Hillary’s campaign emails being hacked is akin to the worst terror attack on US soil.

This is absolutely shameful. But it is honestly par for the course with the Democrats. They just suffered their worst electoral loss since the 1980s, it is no surprise they've gone full-crazy.

Their last chance to steal the election is in the Electoral College, which votes in 5 days to elect the next President. That is why they are now working to get the CIA to give a propaganda “briefing” to the Electoral College before they vote.

What started as a long-shot yesterday has now become a major threat.

Don’t let Obama and the Democrats “re-educate” the Electoral College! Send your FaxBlast right now and DEMAND Congress intervene and block this!

A law firm with connections to the Clinton Campaign is currently offering free legal services to any GOP elector who wants to defect from Trump. According to the firm, they have 20 Republican Electoral College electors who want to defect, which is halfway to the necessary number to deny Trump the Presidency.

Overnight, this just became a whole lot worse.

There is some good news, however. A Colorado Judge just ordered the state’s nine electors to vote the way the people voted. In Colorado, electors are bound to vote for the people’s choice. They were suing the state for the right to become faithless electors and a judge threw the case out. 

It is easy to understand why Liberals are doing this. In 5 days, Donald Trump will be officially elected President. He will spend the next 4-8 years undoing many of the left’s “accomplishments.”

To the Liberal ideology, this is truly a matter of life and death. They couldn’t win the fair way, so now they are trying to swing the Electoral College.

It all comes down to us. Congress is still in session. They can put a stop to this nonsense right now and prevent the Obama administration from feeding the Electoral College any propaganda.

But we are running out of time!

Obama and the Democrats want to “re-educate” the Electoral College to stop them from electing Trump. Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE them to intervene and block this coup!

In 5 days, the Electoral College votes. In 36 days, Donald Trump is sworn in.

We are so close to being able to go on offense and push for real Conservative reforms. But until Trump is elected and sworn in, we are seeing right now that Democrats and liberals are willing to do everything to derail us.

They are willing to break any law and spew any lie to stop Trump from taking office.

The White House, DNC, Clinton Campaign, and liberal media are all behind this effort to ‘re-educate’ the Electoral College. All that stands between them and a Hillary presidency is us.

All that stands between the Left and this Electoral College coup is YOU!

Don’t let Obama and the Democrats use propaganda to “re-educate” the Electoral College! Send your urgent FaxBlast and DEMAND Congress intervene and block this coup!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily