Fellow Conservative,

We are seeing something happen before our eyes right now that has no precedent in American history. GOP leaders are conspiring to pass horrible legislation before their own party's nominee would have the power to veto it.

Donald Trump ran on a campaign message of stopping Washington from signing trade agreements that force jobs out of the country and put the interests of foreigners above our own. Whether you agree with Trump’s trade policy or not, he will have received more primary votes by the end than any Republican candidate in history.

If they were smart, Congress should take heed and refrain from voting on Obamatrade until after the election. But they aren't.

Confronted with the reality of electing a President who opposes their disastrous trade policy, Congress is barreling forward!

Don’t let Ryan and McConnell stab you in the back! Click and demand they vote Obamatrade down immediately, not stall until after the election!

Hearing yesterday that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan isn’t endorsing Trump didn’t surprise me one bit. Paul Ryan is one of the most outspoken GOP advocates for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. With an immigration position like that, he’s not going to be able to get behind Trump. The fact that both Trump and Cruz were the last ones standing should tell you all you need to know about how out of touch Paul Ryan is with the electorate.

The same goes for Obamatrade, or Trans-Pacific Partnership, as it’s known.

Long before Donald Trump announced he was even running for President, we opposed this trade agreement. First, on the grounds that it was kept secret and no one was allowed to read it, and then on the grounds that it would absolutely devastate our workforce.

Last year, Congress gave President Obama “Trade Promotional Authority.” This means that the President and his administration are the only ones who can negotiate the deal.

Because Congress passed a TPA bill last year, they are now powerless to make any alterations to the agreement.

The same people backing Obamatrade are the ones who want open borders so they can import cheap labor to replace American workers.

This is a bad deal for American workers. Congress, in an absolutely idiotic move, decided to give up their ability to amend the trade agreement. There are a ton of horrible provisions in this trade agreement.

It gives more power to other countries trying to undercut our domestic workers. The trade agreement undercuts internet freedoms and free speech rights here and abroad. It would alter OUR immigration laws and force us to accept more foreign, cheap labor.

This literally changes and overrules our immigration laws. It doesn’t get more radical than that!

Mitch McConnell made the choice to prohibit amendments to the TPP and other trade deals connected to Obamatrade. He chose to force this agreement down the American people’s throats. It is insanely unpopular. Now, Paul Ryan is doubling down. Liberals despise it. Conservatives despise it.

It’s time to kill it.

Don’t let Ryan and McConnell stab you in the back! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress vote NO on Obamatrade immediately!

The Globalists in Congress have essentially one play and that is to say one thing and then do another once they secure their re-election.

GOP leaders are calling for holding the TPP vote the DAY after the general election. That way, Congressmen and Senators won’t have to deal with opposition to the bill destroying their re-election chances.

They think you’re stupid. They think you’ll just fall in line.

With no amendments allowed, the vote is a simple yes or no. And it has to be a no.

We are being told that we have to just settle for this. We are being told that this agreement, which puts the whole world ahead of us, is just a bitter pill we need to swallow. We are told that because other countries want to physically change American immigration laws, we have to just accept that as the cost of doing business in a global economy.

Even worse, we are being told that we need to settle for a lame-duck President setting US trade policy for decades to come.

We don’t need to settle for anything.

Both McConnell and Ryan have said they want to wait until after the November elections to turn on us. They want to trick you into re-electing these faux-conservatives and then stab you in the back again.

It’s time to just shoot it down. At anytime, Congress can call a vote and reject Obamatrade with a simple majority.

No more delaying… It’s time to force that no-vote!

Ryan and McConnell think you’re too stupid to catch on! FaxBlast and DEMAND they vote “No” and dismantle Obamatrade immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily