Fellow Conservative,

It is happening. The Electoral College meets in just six days to elect the new President and there is now a push, that goes all the way to the White House, to intervene and “educate” the electors on Russia’s involvement in the election.

As you know, the election hasn’t technically happened yet. When you voted on November 8th, you voted for a slate of electors. They will then vote on your behalf in the Electoral College on December 19th.

There is now a united effort between Democrat electors, the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and even people in the White House to deliver an intelligence briefing on "Russia" to the Electoral College to hopefully convince them not to elect Trump.

This is their Hail Mary pass. They know that if they have the opportunity to present propaganda to the Electoral College, they at least have a chance to deny Donald Trump the Presidency.

Don’t let the White House swing the vote! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they stop Democrats from presenting propaganda to the Electoral College!

I want to be absolutely clear, I don’t particularly care whether the Russians were behind the hacking or not. Julian Assange and Wikileaks have sworn since this summer that the leaks did not come from Russia. I care more about what was revealed than how it was revealed.

The DNC and Clinton Campaign were caught rigging the Democratic Primary, colluding with the media, denigrating entire segments of the population, and even brazenly discussing criminal and unethical behavior.

The Russians didn’t force Donna Brazille to give Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance. The Russians didn’t make Hillary Clinton’s staffers criticize Catholics and devout Christians. The Russians didn’t cause Hillary Clinton to set up a private email server, destroy government records, and violate the Espionage Act.

The Wisconsin recount has ended and Trump actually increased his vote total. The Michigan and Pennsylvania recounts were also both shut down by judges.

Hillary Clinton didn’t join those recounts to hopefully swing the vote totals. The Clinton campaign joined the effort in the hopes that they would go on long enough to deny Trump votes in the Electoral College.

You see, today is the deadline for states to certify their Electoral College slates. It is not a coincidence that an appeal was filed yesterday to restart a recount in Pennsylvania. If they had succeeded, Trump’s Electoral College tally would have gone down by 20 because the recount wouldn't have been finished in time...

Now that the recount effort has failed, the White House is joining the fight to give administration officials the ability to “brief” the electors before they vote…

Don’t let Obama intervene in the Electoral College! Send your urgent FaxBlast now and FORCE Congress to stop the Obama administration from presenting propaganda to the Electoral College!

You have Josh Earnest declaring from the White House press room that Russia interfered in the election, Democrat Electors formally requesting an intelligence briefing before voting, and the Clinton campaign and DNC pushing to do just that.

They don’t care that Trump won more Electoral College votes than any Republican since 1988. They don’t care that he completely rewrote the electoral map. For Democrats, the ends will always justify the means.

They have six days to make this happen. They have the Democratic National Committee on their side, they have Democrats and RINOS (like John McCain and Lindsey Graham) in Congress, and they have the White House.

This is a last minute Democrat attempt to steal the election. There are a lot of RINOs in Congress, more than enough (as we’ve seen in the past) to team up with Democrats to get legislation passed. Even Sen. McCain (R-AZ) is joining the Democrats and demanding a full investigation into how the Russians stole the Presidency from Clinton. How pathetic is that?

We need to kill this right now before it goes any further.

Democrats are making one more attempt to steal the election! Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they block the Obama administration from presenting propaganda to the Electoral College!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily