Fellow Conservative,

This time is apparently different. This time, the GOP is not going to hold the line.

After the Parkland Florida shooting -- which resulted from the FBI failing to stop the killer on not one occasion, but two -- liberal gun control advocates demanded that Congress do something.

Now we know what they are going to do. They're going after so-called "assault weapons."

The White House has remained very cryptic. Anytime that a reporter has asked Sarah Huckabee-Sanders whether the President is thinking about this gun control proposal or that, she responds that he is 'keeping the door open' to all of it.

A reporter actually asked whether Trump was considering an assault weapon ban. Her response?

"We haven't closed doors on any fronts."

Then, during a "listening session" at the White House, President Trump cryptically reiterated that he was looking at assault weapons, specifically whether 18-year-olds should be allowed to purchase them.

This was all the GOP cowards in Congress needed. They got right to work and are rolling out a gun control package that puts so-called "assault weapons" on the table.

The fight is here. It has reached your doorstep. Fight back now or risk losing your rights!

The time is now to stand and fight! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they abandon this plot to restrict semi-automatic weapon ownership!

I carry an "assault weapon" on me every day. No, not an AR-15, but an FNX-45. Yes, it is just a pistol. But you see, it has a threaded barrel. Under the definition of "assault weapon" that Feinstein and the left are pushing, that makes it qualify as an "assault weapon."

If this was just about AR-15s, that would be worth fighting back on its own. But this is about so much more than that. The new assault weapon ban that they are floating would ban thousands more types of firearms than the 1994 version.

Establishment Republicans are looking at a gun control package that would finish what Obama started. Their plan would place stricter regulations on semi-automatic weapons, opening the door for future bans and confiscations.

In 2016, I fought like my 2nd Amendment rights depended on it because, well, they did. And here we are, with a Republican White House being hopelessly vague to escape media criticism and a GOP Congress taking that as tacit support for an assault weapon crack down.

The NRA has gone silent. Pro-gun groups are being shamed into staying quiet. The media only cares about focusing one what these high school protesters want.

A week ago, these kids had to be told to stop eating Tide Pods. Why would we ever let the generation that made eating laundry detergent popular decide what our gun laws should be?

I won't let it happen, not without a fight.

Will you?

Send your urgent message to Congress and force them to stand down and block any attempt to crackdown on semi-automatic firearms!

Multiple statistical studies determined that the assault weapon ban of 1994 had no measurable impact on the violent crime rate or the number of mass shootings in this country. Columbine happened 5 years after the first assault weapon ban. What was the Left's argument then? They said that we just needed to ban more guns.


Wait, let me think about it for a sec...


We are at the brink. If every Democrat votes for this legislation, then they would need just 23 Republicans to come on board in order to pass it in the House and only 11 to join them in the Senate.

We have already seen the first so-called 'conservative' Congressman publicly come out for gun control. Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) said on television that after the most recent shooting, "some freedoms are going to have to be given up." That is a verbatim quote.

Based on the movement in Congress, we now know they're going after semi-automatic rifles.

If you let them do this, there will be no coming back...

Don't surrender your 2nd Amendments! Fight back and tell Congress right now that they MUST kill any and all "assault weapon" bills before it's too late!

It's now or never,

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily