Alert: The GOP just caved and will hold a vote on legislation to protect Robert Mueller from being fired!

Three days ago, I warned you that members of the GOP were starting to get behind the left's push to protect Robert Mueller from being fired.

Today, I am warning you that their surrender is almost complete. The GOP just announced that there will be a vote on legislation to protect Mueller!

This week, the FBI raided Trump's personal attorney's offices, house, and even his hotel room looking for communications between him and Trump. Since Michael Cohen is Trump's attorney, the communications between the two of them are protected by attorney-client privilege and pretty much sacrosanct.

Mueller wanted to raid Michael Cohen's office, but weasel Rod Rosenstein forced him to hand over his "evidence" to the US Attorney's Office. They then took the case and raided Cohen's offices, seizing papers and computers.

What were they looking for? Dirt on Stormy Daniels and dirt on the Access Hollywood tape. According to media reports, they were also looking for dirt on a taxi medallion that Michael Cohen owns.

Nothing to do with Russia. Nothing to do with collusion. 

Mueller can't prove either of that, so he is digging up dirt on Trump and his allies to try and get one of them to flip against the President and tell him what he wants to hear.

That is why Mueller charged Michael Flynn with lying to the FBI, even though the FBI agents who interviewed him admitted that he didn't lie to them. That is why Mueller charged Paul Manafort with decade-old lobbying violations and a mortgage application discrepancy.

And that is why Mueller initiated a raid on Trump's personal and business attorney's office.

This has nothing to do with Russia at all. Mueller is only interested going after the President. 

The White House announced this week that the President has the constitutional and legal right to fire Robert Mueller. At that, Democrats scrambled to push legislation to make sure Mueller is allowed to investigate Trump in perpetuity.

When they introduced these bills last year, the GOP blocked them from moving forward. But now, cowardly Republicans are starting to come on board. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley just announced that he will put these bills to a vote.

Stop this surrender before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to kill both S.1735 and S.1741 right now before they move forward!

The two pieces of legislation are being co-sponsored by Republicans. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is co-sponsoring the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act (S.1735). This bill would require an unelected judge to agree before Mueller could be fired. The second bill being pushed is the Special Counsel Integrity Act (S.1741). This is being sponsored by Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) and would allow Robert Mueller to challenge any firing in court to try to win his job back.

Both are blatantly unconstitutional. If the executive branch can initiate a special counsel investigation, then the executive branch has equal authority to end such a probe.

But the establishment Republicans aren't stopping there. Sen. Jeff Flake -- who was forced to resign after polls showed he would lose his primary by more than 20% -- came out this week and said he would vote to impeach Trump if he fired Mueller.

These swamp creatures never wanted Trump to win. They would rather have had Hillary win than be forced to work with Donald Trump. 

Robert Mueller isn't investigating Russian Collusion. He is trying to catch Trump doing something wrong in order to make him a one-term President. That is why he pushed so hard to raid Cohen's office and seize Trump's legal documents.

It has to be shut down. At the very least, Rod Rosenstein must be replaced with someone who will make sure Mueller only investigates "collusion."

But the GOP establishment is now fast-tracking a bill to make Mueller's witch hunt permanent. With the Democrats on board, they have the votes to force this bill through Congress.

It is up to YOU to stop it!

Don't let the GOP make Mueller's witch hunt permanent! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they block both S.1735 and S.1741 before it is too late!

I will say it again: If either of these bills pass, it will make Robert Mueller the most powerful man in America even though he never received a single vote.

It would allow Mueller to continue his witch hunt as long as he likes and prohibit President Trump (or anyone else) from shutting down this sham investigation.

We know why the Democrats want this. They want Trump to be under investigation for as long as possible because they want him removed.

The fact of the matter is that Republicans like Flake and Graham want it for the same reason!

Please, stop these Republican cowards from protecting Mueller's witch hunt! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they block both S.1735 and S.1741 before it is too late!