Fellow Conservatives,

For shame… The Republicans have actually done it. They have decided to fund Obama’s refugee program through the end of his term.

Congress spent the last week negotiating over a stopgap spending bill and if it is voted on as-is, it will completely fund Obama’s refugee program. We have Paul Ryan to thank for this. He is the one demanding a "clean" funding bill.

This will give the President 44 days to bring as many Middle Eastern refugees into the country as he wants, including the 2,500 refugees from “terror hotspots” that Australia has deemed "inadmissible." Where I come from, if a President knowingly admits refugees that other countries turned away for security reasons, that's called treason...

This is absolute madness. I have to believe that this was a grave oversight but it has Paul Ryan's fingerprints all over it...

Congress hasn’t passed this bill yet. There is still time to get this corrected!

Quick, send your FaxBlast to Congress before it is too late and demand that they defund Obama’s refugee program!

The fix is so simple. All it takes is one basic sentence reading, “No taxpayer money can be appropriated towards admitting refugees into the United States until certified vetting processes are implemented.”


It really is that simple.

If Congress is allowed to pass this budgetary bill as-is, Obama will have the necessary funds to bring tens of thousands of Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees without even performing basic background checks on them.

We are standing on the brink of disaster.

The Ohio State attacker was a Somali refugee that Obama admitted into the country. The New York/New Jersey bomber from a few weeks ago was the son of an Afghan refugee. The Somali man who went on a stabbing spree in a Minnesota mall recently was also a refugee. The Orlando nightclub terrorist was the son of an asylum seeker. The list literally goes on and on…

And Barack Obama had the gall to say yesterday that there hasn’t been a foreign-based terror attack on US soil while he has been President.

Yea, because he admits them all in as refugees first! Honestly, Obama is so delusional…

We have the ability right now to put an end to Barack H. Obama’s refugee dreams once and for all. With this one bill, we can ensure that not one cent is ever again spent on Obama’s reckless refugee program. Shut it down until President Trump can implement more thorough vetting procedures.

The history books will write about this moment. They will write about the moment that brave Patriots stood up and refused to allow this madness to continue.

When my grandchildren and great-grandchildren ask what I did to save this country, I want the answer to be “everything I possibly could.”

Please, stand with me and fight!

Quick, please send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they defund Obama’s refugee programs before it is too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily