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The first group of Syrian refugees has already arrived in the United States under Obama’s “surge” program and now the administration is promising to bring at least 1,500 new “refugees” into the country every month without fully vetting them.

Prior to this, the Obama administration admitted that it takes 12-24 months to process a Syrian refugee’s application. They admitted that they can’t be 100% sure that these “refugees” aren’t already terrorists, but if the process was expedited, the intelligence establishment feared that terrorist incursion would be guaranteed. Think about that…

The President actually touted this 24-month wait as proof that his administration was doing the right thing and slow-walking the applications to weed out terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

So you can imagine the absolute shock to find out that the first major group of Syrian refugees had already arrived in the United States and that the administration has eliminated the lengthy background check process.

Barack Obama is ignoring the warnings of the intelligence establishment and bringing in the Syrian refugees in what the administration is calling “surge resettlement.” Instead of waiting the full 24 months to vet these people and risk Congress shutting the program down, Barack Obama has condensed the entire refugee application process to just over two months. They are bringing these “refugees” here literally as quickly as possible and putting every one of us at risk.

Obama is bringing in 1,500 refugees a month and has eliminated the lengthy background check process! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress end Barack Obama’s suicidal refugee surge program before it is too late!

The key here is that there are no background checks. Of the 10,000 Syrians that Obama has slated to arrive by September, not one of them had or will have a background check certified by a Federal agency.

Earlier this year, Congress tried to force the administration to perform full, certified background checks on refugees but Democrats blocked the bill in the Senate. The American SAFE Act was simple. It prohibited the President from bringing any Middle Eastern refugees into the country unless a full background check was performed in triplicate and certified. Absolutely common sense.

Apparently, asking the President to certify that these people don’t pose a threat to us was too much to ask?

See why? Barack Hussein Obama had no intention of ever putting our safety first. To oppose the American SAFE Act, the President said the background check process was fine as is. Now that the legislation was killed, he gutted the background check system. His only desire is to bring these people here as fast as possible, even if that means skipping steps in the background check process.

There’s no arguing over this. The intelligence establishment already determined that it takes upwards of two years to properly vet these refugees. Obama has thrown that safety protocol out the window and has started bring Syrians here after only two MONTHS!

This is treacherous. It is treason.

The first group of Syrian refugees under Obama’s boneheaded “surge” program has already landed in Kansas City. Another 1,500 are right behind them, just waiting for the all-clear to board the plane.

We’re out of time. Obama is expediting bringing Syrian refugees in, even if that means skipping steps in the background check process. He would rather bring terrorists and terror-sympathizers into the country than risk Congress halting the program. He is only interested in building a monument to himself.

Every day Congress waits means another potential terrorist brought into the country.

A lot of things seem so large that they are impossible to fix. This isn’t one of them! You can still put a stop to this treason!

If Obama isn’t stopped, terrorists will come into the country. That is a FACT. Please, FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pass the American SAFE Act by any means necessary!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily