Fellow Conservative,

For months, we have been warning you about President Obama’s plan to disarm millions of social security beneficiaries. He plans to accomplish this by literally rewriting the law.

The statute is clear. In order to be deemed “mentally deficient,” you need to have been involuntarily committed (forced to stay overnight against your will) in a mental health facility or determined in a court of law to be a danger to yourself or those around you.

There is no room for interpretation there. Even though the Left literally wrote this law, they now claim there is a loophole.

What’s the loophole? They are complaining that they don’t have the right to disarm Americans without due process. They want bureaucrats in Washington who you’ve never even met to have the power to REVOKE your 2nd Amendment rights!

Are you going to stand by while Obama tries to disarm the American people or are you going to fight back?

It’s already happening. Force Congress to pass the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act and STOP Obama’s elderly gun grab!

Remember how all the pundits said that Barack Obama’s executive orders from this past January were relatively ineffectual? They lied to you. He has instituted a quota of 75,000. That's how many elderly Americans the Social Security Administration must disarm this year.

One of Barack Obama’s executive orders actually instructs the Social Security Administration to copy a Veterans Administration program that used extremely questionable reasoning to disarm American veterans and revoke their 2nd Amendment rights.

The administration has altered the definition of “mental disability” to include any beneficiary who has a “designated payee” assigned to help with managing his or her finances. They did this in the VA and disarmed over 100,000 veterans. Obama saw this and decided to expand the disarmament program to the 49 million social security beneficiaries!

This is how it works. The VA – and now the Social Security Administration – has been instructed to present beneficiaries with the option of having a family member help manage their finances. Plenty of people need help with finances. It doesn’t make them mentally deficient. Even I need a little help making sure all the bills get paid. If it wasn’t for my fiancée, our utility bills probably wouldn’t get paid on time.

So, the Obama administration goes out of its way to convince beneficiaries to assign a designated payee to make finances easier for people and then they come back and use that as an excuse to disarm the people.

These men and women are not a threat to themselves or others. I am talking about people who just need help making sure that their bills get paid on time.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for someone to need a designated payee. Maybe they don’t have a car and need a family member to make their bank deposits for them. Maybe they live far away from the bank or grocery store so they delegate that responsibility as well. These are two legitimate reasons listed by the SSA for assigning a designated payee. Obama believes that’s enough to revoke their 2nd Amendment rights.

So what the Obama administration is saying is that if an elderly American doesn’t own a car and needs help making bank deposits, they can’t be trusted with owning a gun. This is completely illegal!

Brave Congressmen have introduced the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act and it is one paragraph long. It says that being assigned a designated or representative payee cannot be used as an excuse to disarm Americans on Social Security. Senator Rand Paul has also introduced legislation in the Senate to put a stop to this horrible policy.

All together, these two bill have over 125 co-sponsors and every time we FaxBlast Congress, that number grows!

Obama’s elderly gun grab is happening! Tell Congress to pass the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act before it’s too late!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily