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Gun control advocates are overjoyed. The President’s new elderly gun ban and confiscation scheme is about to go into effect.

As we first reported to you, the Obama administration released a new regulation earlier this year that directly targets elderly and disabled gun owners.

The Social Security Administration will now take its list of disabled and elderly beneficiaries and submit it into the FBI’s background check database.

Millions of Social Security beneficiaries across the country have what is known as a “representative payee.” These are elderly or disabled Americans who have asked a friend or family member to help with their finances.

A lot of these people have physical disabilities that make it hard for them to get to the bank to deposit their Social Security benefit checks. So they assign a friend or family member as a representative payee to help them with these errands.

Others simply can’t drive anymore, or would prefer not to, so they add a family member to their account so they can buy groceries or pick up prescription medication on their behalf.

Or, they are people like me, who are just horrible at making sure bills get paid on time so they rely on their wife to pay them.

The Obama administration is now using this as an excuse to disarm hundreds of thousands of Americans!

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are about to be disarmed! Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND that they stop Obama’s VA and Social Security gun ban!

When the Obama administration announced this regulation this past Spring, it was a proposed regulation. By law, they had to take comments from the public.

They just closed that comment period. They no longer care what you think. Even if you tried to send them your comments, they wouldn’t even read it.

That means that this regulation could go live at literally any moment.

When that happens, it will be too late to claw it back.

The Social Security Administration is going to take this list of elderly and disabled Americans and add their names directly to the background check system. They are saying that these Americans have “marked subhuman intelligence” because they asked for help managing their finances…

It will be illegal for them to purchase a gun and they will be denied if they try to undergo a background check at a gun store.

If they already own firearms, they will instantly become felons for possessing these guns as a prohibited person.

And if they happened to register their weapons, or if they have a concealed carry permit, they will receive a knock on the door and an order to relinquish their weapons.

Don’t think this could happen? It already is happening in the Department of Veterans Affairs. All told, more than 257,000 veterans have been deemed incompetent and added to the background check system as prohibited persons.

Just last year, a veteran received a notice in the mail ordering him to surrender his weapons. John Arnold is a Vietnam Veteran who lives in Priest River, Idaho. After suffering from a mild stroke, which left him with a mild physical impairment, the VA sent him a certified letter that he had been deemed incompetent and that a VA employee would stop by to inventory and confiscate his weapons.

How did they arrive at the conclusion that John Arnold was unfit to own a firearm? He checked the box saying that he wanted help managing his finances after his stroke.

This is happening at the VA already. Now the Obama administration is rolling this program out within the Social Security Administration.

He must be stopped!

257,000 Americans have already been disarmed. Obama plans to disarm hundreds of thousands more elderly and disabled Americans! Please, send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress block this horrible gun confiscation program!

The administration has even given the Social Security Administration a quota. They are expected to disarm at least 75,000 elderly and disabled beneficiaries every year.

There is only one way to stop this. Late last year, when this was just a rumor, Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) introduced the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act as a way to stop this confiscation scheme from moving forward.

The legislation is simple and only two-pages long. It simply says that assigning a representative payee to help with finances is not a reason to designate someone as mentally incompetent.

This bill has literally sat and collected dust for an entire year. Between the House and Senate versions of the bill, there are 151 co-sponsors. The leadership is trying to avoid having to pass this bill.

The sponsors and co-sponsors are making a serious push this week to get this bill through committee and onto the floor. They need your help!

It is up to YOU to force the issue!

These people need your help. They don’t have the power to stand up to the Obama regime. Please, send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to stop Obama from disarming these elderly and disabled Americans!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily