Fellow Conservative,

Merrick Garland submitted his “questionnaire” to the Senate for consideration today and it is far worse than we thought.

We already know that Garland ruled that the government has a right to keep a registry of American gun owners even though the law explicitly prohibits it (NRA v Reno).

He also voted against re-hearing Seegars v Gonzales, proving that he does not believe the 2nd Amendment should protect an individual right to keep and bear arms. If he is added to the bench, then he becomes the vote that would overturn Justice Scalia’s groundbreaking Heller ruling.

The list of Garland’s anti-gun cases is long. But with his submission today, his anti-gun stance is just the beginning.

He has ruled against the 1st Amendment’s free speech protections (Wagner v FEC), in favor of terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay (Parhat v Gates), he let a drug trafficker out of prison on a technicality (US v Gaskins), and most ridiculously, he once ruled that if a corporation purchases land and plans to develop it, the government can come in and stop the entire project for its environmental impact (Rancho Viejo, LLC v. Norton).

The questionnaire that Garland submitted has hundreds of citations for past cases. We are going through all of them but right off the bat, this is just more evidence that this man is unfit to replace such a legal titan like Antonin Scalia.

Republicans are already surrendering, however, and saying that Garland is “good enough” and admitting that he would easily be confirmed if a vote was held.

Don’t let the Republicans cave! FaxBlast and DEMAND they stop any and all attempts to force a vote to confirm this radical nominee!

Even more Republicans are scheduled to sit down and meet with Merrick Garland this week. This is a far cry from the promise that his nomination was “dead on arrival.”

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) came out this week and said that Garland was a man of great accomplishment and intellect. If the conditions were right, Flake said he would be comfortable voting for Obama’s leftist nominee.

That now puts the number of Republican surrenders well above the 16 GOP votes necessary to push the nomination through. They are surrendering right before our eyes!

This man is an unapologetic leftist. For goodness sake, he used the Commerce Clause, a portion of the Constitution dealing with interstate commerce, to justify the Federal government stopping a massive real-estate development project because of the impact it would have on a species of toad.

Garland’s argument on this case is that because the housing development was next to an interstate highway and would allow out-of-staters to purchase homes, the government could impose ridiculous environmental regulations on it.

It’s just so backwards. And this is one of the ten rulings that Merrick Garland has said he is most proud of…

This man is not a constitutionalist. He is just another ends-justify-the-means, legislate-from-the-bench liberal.

In 2012, Justice Scalia sat down for an interview and candidly said that if he had one wish, he “would not like to be replaced by someone who immediately sets about undoing what [he’s] tried to do for 25–26 years.” That was his only request for when he would eventually be replaced.

He said, "please, don’t replace me with a leftist" and now Republicans are preparing to do just that!

Don’t let Congress replace the most Conservative Justice in history with just another liberal activist judge! FaxBlast and demand that Congress stop all attempts to force a confirmation vote!

On environmental issues, religious freedom, free speech protections, and most importantly, the Second Amendment, Merrick Garland would overturn everything Scalia has accomplished.

Republicans are giving up. They’re tired of getting pushback and just want to get the confirmation process over with.

If the confirmation vote was held today, there are more than enough turncoat Republicans who would vote for him.

Justice Scalia dedicated his life to defending the Constitution, our rights, and conservatism in general. If these RINOs aren’t stopped, everything Scalia accomplished will be overturned.

Don’t let that happen!

Scalia’s only request was that he not be replaced by a leftist. Don’t let the GOP dishonor his legacy! FaxBlast and demand they block any and all attempts to force a confirmation vote for this leftist nominee!

Don't let them get away with this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily