Dear American,

Yesterday, I told you about injustice within the Obama administration. Even though they were awarded Purple Hearts, the victims of the 2009 Fort Hood terror attack continue to have their disability benefits claims rejected.

Together, with your help, we bombarded Congress with 100,000 faxes yesterday. Many Congressmen and Senators went out and said this mistreatment isn't right, but talk is cheap.

We were going to move on to another topic today, but then I saw a headline that just left me speechless...

"Puerto Ricans who can't speak English qualify as disabled for Social Security."

So let me get this straight... We have soldiers who are permanently disabled from a terror attack on US soil and they receive no disability benefits because the Obama administration simply won't give it to them.

But at the same time, taxpayer-funded disability benefits are going to Puerto Ricans because they only know how to speak Spanish?

It's not hard to see the writing on the wall. Soon, all immigrants (legal or illegal) could qualify for disability because they're monolingual. It's just madness! And the fact that this is happening while disabled soldiers are having their claims rejected is just so shameful!

Speaking Spanish isn't a disability, getting shot by a terrorist is! Demand that Congress put a stop to this madness!

Everyday, we get emails from readers saying that immigrants are getting more rights and benefits than Americans.

Now, to be clear: Puerto Rico is an American territory. Anyone who is Puerto Rican is also an American. Period.

But there is no reason that this twisted monolingual disability program couldn't also apply to illegal aliens as well, especially since amnestied illegals are going to be given access to Social Security.

I mean, for goodness sake. The Obama administration is actually paying to have 21-year old illegal aliens flown here from Central America on the taxpayer's dime.

Now when they get here, they'll be able to get disability because they only speak Spanish?

Meanwhile, brave heroes like Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning was shot six times during the attack and still has two of the bullets lodged inside of him. He applied for disability benefits and the Obama administration rejected his claim. Maybe if he hit his head and woke up only speaking Spanish he would get the help he needs...

Listen, I'm not going to pull any punches. As far as I am concerned, this is criminal. Every Member of Congress made a promise to help protect our soldiers and veterans. But they're too busy helping illegal aliens to care about making sure these soldiers and terror attack victims get their disability benefits.

These are obviously two issues. No one is actually choosing to grant disability benefits to Spanish speakers instead of veterans. But it is nevertheless happening and it proves where the Obama administration's priorities are.

Shawn Manning still has two bullets lodged in his back and in his leg. That's all that remains of the "workplace violence" that the Obama administration has worked so hard to sweep under the rug.

It is time to rise up. It is time to demand that not just the Fort Hood victims, but all injured vets go to the front of the line.

It is a sad day in America to watch Spanish speakers get disability benefits while injured soldiers are swept aside.

But it doesn't have to be this way! You have the power to enact real change.

Raise your voice and FaxBlast Congress DEMANDING that these disabled heroes get their disability benefits!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily