Fellow Conservative,

We have gotten many reports from people on the ground saying that the GOP, as an organization, is "less than enthused" about having to run Donald Trump’s ground game.

For the most part, it has been purely anecdotal evidence.

We’ve received reports of GOP field offices being closed on Sundays, which makes little sense because that is one of the best days for people to volunteer;

Reports have come in of Trump supporters being turned away from volunteer centers when they refuse to knock on doors for NeverTrump Congressmen and Senators;

We have heard from people on the ground that Trump supporters are being sent deliberately to pro-Trump neighborhoods to prevent them from reaching new voters;

In the wake of the Trump tape, the RNC swiftly cut off all spending on Donald Trump mailers and they have not spent a single dollar on pro-Trump TV advertising;

Voter registration – led by the GOP – has been abysmal. In Florida, for example, the Democrats have submitted 177,000 new voter registration forms. The GOP? A measly 13,000 newly registered Republicans;

Donald Trump’s Virginia field organizer was fired after he staged a Trump protest outside of the State’s GOP headquarters;

But the one that really takes the cake is in Ohio, where the Trump campaign has reportedly cut ties with the GOP after the State’s Party Leader held a week-long speaking tour bashing the Republican Presidential nominee.

We have gotten so many reports like this that we cannot disregard it any longer. The evidence, even if just anecdotal, of GOP subterfuge has become impossible to ignore.

Everyday, we deliver to you the breaking news of the day. Most times, we focus on something the media doesn’t necessarily want to cover.

We then encourage you to take action however you see fit. One way is to use our FaxBlast system and bombard Congress with faxes – that by law, they have to print out – to get the message across.

It is so sickening to watch the GOP, in public and private, try to lose this election. So, we have done some research and it is time to hit back.

Everyone who FaxBlasts Congress today will also be FaxBlasting all fifty of the GOP’s state headquarters. So not only will you be able to hold Congress’ feet to the fire, especially those turncoat Republicans who would rather keep their job than save our country, but your message will also reach every single State Chapter of the Republican Party.

The message is clear. Actions speak louder than words. Anyone who has fought against Obama’s amnesty, gun control, and executive orders, only to step aside and help Hillary Clinton become elected, will be purged from the Party of Lincoln.

Send your FaxBlast now and tell Congress and the GOP that you will purge the party of anyone who actively tries to get Hillary Clinton elected!

We normally don’t do things like this. We like to keep our messaging honed in on Congress.

The last time we led a FaxBlast effort to non-Congressional office is when we sent 100,000 faxes to all of the Mexican Consulates in the United States demanding that they release Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from captivity.

But we cannot stand by as we get report after report that GOP leadership is trying to sabotage the election to elect Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, Donald Trump came out with a 5-point plan to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC. At the center of his plan is a pledge to implement term limits on Members of Congress and ban former Congressmen/Senators from becoming lobbyists.

With this announcement, even more career politicians are coming out against him. Why would anyone who has made a living off of “public service” support someone who has promised to make them unemployed?

The people leading this opposition are the same politicians and party leaders who are pushing to confirm Barack Obama’s leftist Supreme Court nominee, regardless of the outcome of the election.

The only reason they continue to do this is because they think they can get away with it. They think they can help Hillary Clinton get elected and still retain their positions.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Whether Donald Trump was your first, second, third, or fourth choice is irrelevant. He is now your only choice. We saw what happened when a Third Party candidate split the vote in 1992 to help a Clinton win the Presidency. We saw the policies that Clinton enacted.

The GOP thinks that it can sabotage the campaign and that you won't notice. Even worse, they expect your continued support. It is up to YOU to prove them wrong!

Send your FaxBlast to both Congress and the GOP and DEMAND that they cease and desist all behind-the-scenes efforts to elect Hillary Clinton!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily