Fellow Conservative,

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Midnight Rule Relief Act. This legislation is designed to stop the President of the United States from implementing last-minute permanent regulations.

This legislation is necessary because the Obama administration is frantically trying to finalize as many regulations as possible before Mr. Trump takes office.

Many of these executive orders can be immediately undone. But without Congress passing this legislation, there are many last-minute regulations that could take years to roll back.

For example, the Obama administration just finalized regulations for a 5-year ban on oil and natural gas extraction in the resource-rich parts of Alaska and the Atlantic Ocean. With just two months left in office, the President thinks he has the right to decide policy for the next five years.

It will take months, if not years, to roll back this regulation because of the way it was designed. That is why it is so important to pass this bill!

This is our chance to undo ALL of Obama’s executive orders! Send your FaxBlast to Congress before it’s too late and DEMAND that they pass the Midnight Rule Relief Act!

Currently, the Congressional Review Act would allow Congress to reverse individual regulations once Donald Trump takes office. The problem is that as of the Monday, the 8 years of Obama’s Presidency have added more than 635,448 pages of new Federal regulations to the books.

If Congress has to reverse each and every one of them individually, especially the 81,000+ pages of regulations passed this year, it could take years.

The Midnight Rule Relief Act would allow Congress to lump regulations finalized since May 2016 into a single resolution and reverse them with a single vote.

Between now and inauguration day, the Obama administration plans to finalize many more regulations. A number of them, if finalized, would take time to reverse.

The administration’s Social Security gun ban, for example, would be difficult to quickly roll-back. If the Obama administration succeeds in adding hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans’ names to the FBI’s firearm background check system, it could take months or years to remove these names from the database.

There are countless other regulations coming down the pike in the EPA and other government agencies that would take months, if not years, to undo.

Mitch McConnell has so far stayed quiet on the prospects of the Midnight Rule Relief Act and Congress' role in repealing Obama-era regulations. It is up to all of us to demand its passage by any means necessary!

If Congress passes this bill, all of Obama’s “accomplishments” can be undone! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND passage of the Midnight Rule Relief Act!

Here at Conservative Daily, we have fought against the Obama administration’s regulatory agenda for years.

Sometimes, we won and forced agencies like the ATF or EPA to stand down. In other cases, the votes simply weren’t there to stop Obama’s regulations from going into effect.

There are going to be many regulations that Trump can undo instantaneously. But there are other regulations that are more entrenched and the Obama administration is spending the next 60 days working overtime to make them as difficult as possible to overturn.

This legislation would fix all of that.

The only legislative accomplishment that Obama has is the Affordable Care Act, which will be overturned. Everything else he has done has been through executive orders and actions. This legislation would give Congress the power to undo everything that Obama has “accomplished.”

This is what is at stake: the ability to send the entirety of the Obama Presidency to the ash heap of history where it belongs.

Let’s do this!

We can undo everything that Obama has done. But you need to FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to amend the Congressional Review Act immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily