About a week ago, President Trump publicly demanded that Congress start passing the legislative agenda items that got him elected. When the GOP leadership rolled their eyes, we bombarded Congress with FaxBlasts demanding they get to work. We are now seeing Conservatives in Congress starting to move legislation forward. Last week, they passed legislation to repeal Dodd-Frank, a burdensome set of Wall St. regulations. Today, Congress is passing a major piece of legislation that will make it easier to fire criminals and corrupt bureaucrats in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Even with these successes, all of that is dwarfed by what we just learned.

A hearing will be held tomorrow on the Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act. The bill handles a number of issues to make it easier for Americans to hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors. But just yesterday, Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC) added an amendment to the bill that would roll back the government's unconstitutional regulations on suppressors.

As a standalone bill, this provision was known as the Hearing Protection Act (HR 367) and would revise the National Firearms Act of 1934 to remove suppressors/silencers from the NFA’s purview. This pro-gun bill just got fast-tracked!

I just went through the process of purchasing a suppressor. I sent my paperwork in last May along with two hundreddollars and finally received approval from the ATF in early April of this year. That was an 11-month wait. What did the ATF do in that time? They performed a background check on me.

In that same 11-month period, I bought multiple handguns and rifles. Each time, I passed a background check that cost me next to nothing and was performed instantly.

The National Firearms Act of 1934 is outdated. It was designed to make suppressor ownership as difficult as possible. The fee was created to stop the poor, middle class, and, yes, minorities from owning these safety items. Back then, 200 had the same buying power as almost four-grand in today’s money.

Now, Congress is actively moving forward with repealing this heinous gun control law! 

This is your moment! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they pass the amended version of the SHARE Act and deregulate suppressors!

The Hearing Protection Act provisions that are being considered tomorrow would regulate suppressors the same as firearms. Purchasers would still have to pass a background check, but it would be performed instantly at a licensed firearm dealer. No more paying an arm and a leg for the ATF to slow-walk an obsolete background check process. Not only that, but the bill being considered tomorrow would refund American gun owners the millions they've spent on suppressor taxes since 1934 and destroy the ATF's registry of suppressor owners.

Liberals are freaking out. They are watching as Conservatives in Congress are preparing to tear down a gun control law that stood for almost a century. This is a big deal.

Gun control laws like this don't just get repealed. President Trump isn't the first pro-gun President to take offiice since this legislation was passed in 1934, but he is the first President to demand that it be repealed!

As I said, the Left is in full meltdown mode. They expected the Hearing Protection Act to just collect dust. Now that it has been added to a bipartisan hunting and fishing bill, there is a real chance that it will pass and they are terrified. The Democrats are mobilizing their entire protest network, hoping to prevent this bill from passing.

Over the course of the Obama administration, Conservative Daily, with your help, became one of the largest opposition organizations in the country. We were effective in pushing back against and killing all of the Obama administration's attempts to violate the Second Amendment. For example, when news broke last year that the ATF was going to heavily regulate the chemicals required to make gunpowder, we were the first – the very first – to call attention to it and rally opposition in Congress.

Within two days, the ATF backtracked and said the announcement was a mistake. If we hadn’t called attention to this and bombarded Congress with faxes demanding they intervene, this regulation would have crippled the ammunition industry.

In the coming months, there will still be times when the RINOs threaten to surrender to the Democrats and we will stand guard against all assaults on your rights. But right now, we have a stunning opportunity to go on offense and, for the first time, repeal an 80+ year-old gun control law.

These opportunities only come once in a lifetime...

Seize the moment! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass the amended version of the SHARE Act and deregulate suppressors!

We have literally spent years fighting for this. Everything you have done to fight for the Second Amendment comes down to this moment.

The reason that Barack Obama and the Democrats failed to push through gun control is because millions of Americans just like you rose up and blocked them. Now, we finally have the opportunity to go on offense.

The Left will do everything they can to stop us. They are already using fearmongering tactics to drum up opposition to the Hearing Protection Act. They are counting on you and I doing nothing. That is the only way the Left can possibly win.

If we can repeal this 80+ year-old regulation, then we can literally repeal any other gun control law on the books. This is why it is now more important than ever before to take action!

Donald Trump has promised to sign this bill. Will you help get it to his desk?

Help us roll back gun control! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they pass the amended version of the SHARE Act and deregulate suppressors!