Fellow Conservative,

Earlier this week, news broke that the Obama administration had “accidentally” given American citizenship to 859 immigrants with active deportation orders. Not only did they have deportation orders, but they were scheduled to be deported because they were determined to be a threat to our national security.

The intelligence establishment collected evidence on these people and a judge heard their immigration cases. They were formally ordered to be removed from the country because of the threat they posed.

So what did the Obama administration do? They gave them citizenship.

Well, now we’re learning that the true numbers are much more disturbing. The truth is that at least 1,811 immigrants were wrongfully given American citizenship.

This is a big deal. We live in a world where the slightest immigration mistake can lead to catastrophic tragedy. The terror attacks of this past weekend were committed by people who entered the country through the refugee/asylum system.

The attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York are just the beginning. We have now learned that the Obama administration actually gave citizenship to more than 1,800 immigrants slated to be deported for national security concerns!

It’s time to shut the whole thing down! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund Obama’s immigration programs and force them to enforce the law as written!

There really isn’t much left to say. For months, we’ve been saying that our immigration system really can’t get any worse.

When people apply to for refugee status from Syria, they are admitted even though it is impossible to verify their identities or intentions.

On the southern border, Border Patrol is being forced to stand down, illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes are being released from prison early, and now we see that the immigrants who do show up for their deportation hearings and are slated to be removed from the country are being given citizenship instead of a one-way plane ticket home.

Amazingly, I was wrong. It can get worse than Obama’s catch-and-release, open border policies. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the Obama administration would give citizenship to people that were ordered to be deported for national security reasons…

The Minnesota ISIS terrorist who went on a stabbing spree in a local mall was a refugee from Somalia.

Ahmad Rahami, the NJ/NY bomber, came to the United States from Afghanistan after his father formally received asylum.

These sorts of mistakes have real-world consequences. It is just amazing that on the week of these refugee attacks, news breaks that the Obama administration is giving citizens to immigrants who have been deemed national security threats…

It is time to shut it down. Shut down the whole thing. The Obama administration has proven that is it unable and unwilling to enforce our immigration laws as written.

Over the next week and a half, Congress will appropriate money to a number of government agencies and departments through what is known as a continuing resolution. This is the last chance for Congress to use the power of the purse against the Obama administration.

Congress has the power to stop this madness by defunding these programs entirely.

That is what we are calling for and with your help, we will succeed!

They cannot be trusted! Please, send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they defund these immigration programs and stop Obama from stupidly approving fraudulent citizenship applications!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily