Fellow Conservative,

160 days. That is how long Congress has held off on confirming Obama’s radical Supreme Court nominee.

For 160 days, with your help, we have held Congress’ feet to the fire and demanded that they hold firm and prevent a Conservative judicial icon like Antonin Scalia from being replaced by a leftist, activist judge.

Last night, Donald Trump asked Congress to stall for another 182 days to give him a chance to replace Scalia with what he promised would be "a person of similar views and principles."  

So far, we have been succeeding. But all that may mean nothing.

As we reported earlier in the week, Congress is officially in recess.  That means that Obama could appoint Merrick Garland to the bench with just the stroke of a pen.

Under the Constitution, the President has the authority to make recess appointments. If Congress is not in session, he has the power to fill certain vacancies without having to wait for Congress to come back in session to confirm the appointment.

Since taking over the Senate, the Republicans have always left someone behind in DC instead of going into recess. As long as someone remained behind to hit the gavel in the morning and evening, Congress technically remained “in session.”

That way, Obama wouldn’t be able to make recess appointments to circumvent Congress.

But this time, that hasn’t happened. No one was left behind to keep Congress in session and Barack Obama is already making moves to prepare a recess appointment to the Supreme Court!

If Obama succeeds, it’s over! FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to go back into session to stop Obama from using a recess appointment to put his leftist, activist Judge onto the Supreme Court!

As we detailed earlier in the week, Barack Obama has formally asked the Supreme Court to reconsider his illegal alien amnesty case.

The Supreme Court was deadlocked on the case. The 4-4 vote meant that the Appeals Court ruling against the administration was left in place.

The only reason for Obama to ask the Supreme Court to re-examine the case is if he had reason to believe the outcome would be different. They only way that could happen is if a Justice changed his/her mind (unlikely) or another Justice was added to the bench.

With the conclusion of the Republican National Convention last night, one thing is clear. The Republican Party is dead-set on making sure that a Republican President is able to appoint the Justice Scalia’s replacement… not Obama.

It is no wonder that Obama is gearing up to push his nominee through using a recess appointment. He knows that the GOP won’t confirm his appointment and he knows that this is the last recess that Congress will be taking before the election.

Obama can either go all in now or risk a President Donald Trump choosing Scalia’s appointment.

And Congress has stupidly handed this opportunity to him on a silver platter.

There is only one way to stop this. Congress has to go back in session!

Every day that Mitch McConnell waits is another day that Obama gets to prepare for his attack.

If the President does what all signs suggest he will do, then there is no telling what horrible rulings the Supreme Court will hand down over the remainder of Obama’s term.

You have answered the call in the past. You joined our movement and held Congress’ feet to the fire DEMANDING that they block any and all attempts to confirm Obama’s radical nominee.

Now, I am calling on your help one more time. This is for all the marbles. If Obama succeeds, it’s over.

Don’t let this happen! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress go back in session to stop Obama from replacing Justice Scalia with recess appointment!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily