Fellow Conservative,

Donald Trump’s election has sent the United Nations into a tail spin. The UN has announced that instead of pushing the UN Climate Treaty through, as Obama wanted, they are going to take a step back and re-evaluate their approach.

Barack Obama is furious.

As you know, he has already given away $500 million to the United Nations to finance the treaty. Now that the Climate Treaty is on ice, Obama is frantically trying hand off the remainder of the money before he leaves office.

He wants to give away another $2.5 billion without Congressional approval.

Just to clarify, this money would be enough to build 1/3 of a southern border wall. When the Left says we don’t have enough money to build Trump’s wall, that’s because they have already earmarked it for UN Climate Change programs…

No more! Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND they defund and stop Obama from his last-ditch effort to finance the UN Climate Treaty!

Obama feels completely let down. The UN bowed to Trump’s election and have promised to hold off on finalizing the climate treaty until after he takes office. They can always go back on their word, but for now, it looks like we dodged a bullet and Obama knows it.

He can see his entire legacy fading away. Everything he accomplished through executive orders can be undone and his only legislative accomplishment – the unAffordable Care Act – will be repealed and replaced in the first 100 days.

Rabid animals are never more dangerous than when they are cornered. Make no mistake, Barack Obama is cornered…

John Kerry arrived at the UN Climate Meeting in Morocco last week prepared to cut them a $2.5 billion check. The UN told him to hold off on that payment because the treaty was being put on ice.

Obama is beyond embarrassed. Here he was, ready to surrender $2.5 billion to the UN and they told him to hold off…

He faced with a choice: does he accept that the American people have soundly rejected his climate change agenda? Or does he give the $2.5 billion to the UN anyway just to spite Donald Trump?

He is going to choose the latter.

Under US law, Congress has the authority to defund any international organization that affords state membership to Palestine. The UN Climate Treaty has done just that: given the Palestinians full membership in the treaty. This is the loophole that will allow Congress to immediately stop Obama from surrendering anymore tax dollars.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading the charge on this. But he needs your help before Obama finishes his scheme!

Obama is running out of time and he knows it! FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to defund the UN Climate Treaty permanently!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily