Fellow Conservative,

We all knew this would happen.

Since Donald Trump won the election a week and a half ago, Barack Obama has doubled down on bringing even more unvetted refugees into the United States.

He knows that the refugee program was on the ballot. He understands that the American people overwhelmingly rejected his vision. Obama doesn’t care. He’s is bringing them all into the US anyway.

There’s the 1,300 Middle Eastern refugees that Australia turned away. These are people from the Middle East and Southeast Asia who applied for refugee status in Australia and were turned away for posing a threat. They might have been too dangerous for Australia, but Obama is now letting them all into the US, no-questions-asked.

In the last month and a half, Obama has brought an additional 1,950 unvetted Syrian refugees into the United States. Even though all of the intelligence agencies confirm it is impossible to confirm their identities and intentions, Obama is expediting their applications anyway. That amounts to a 20% increase over last years admittance rate.

Thousands of people are illegally crossing our southern border every single day, but instead of being turned away or deported, Obama is still insisting that Border Patrol agents catch-and-release everyone they come into contact with.

Obama has not accepted defeat. He is doubling down! 

This is far from over...

A vote is imminent! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress defund Obama’s refugee program in this week’s Continuing Resolution!

We had a major victory this past week. Thanks to your activism, Congress has decided to hold off on passing a major budget bill until next March. This will give President Trump the power to enact many of his policy proposals almost immediately after taking office.

What Congress has to do in the meantime is pass what is known as a Continuing Resolution. This is essentially a bill that kicks the budgetary can down the road and just continues funding the government at current levels.

Here’s the problem. As we can see from the numbers, Barack Obama is ramping up his refugee program. If Congress passes a CR that maintains Obama’s refugee funding, he will bring tens of thousands of unvetted refugees into the United States between now and Inauguration Day.

Hillary Clinton promised a dramatic increase in Obama’s refugee program if she was elected. The American people rejected her vision. Now, Barack Obama is trying to implement this on his own in what little time he has left.

According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the State Department, Obama is bringing refugees into the United States at a rate faster than any other time in his Presidency.

We know that these people are not being fully vetted. Obama knows that too. It only takes one extremist to slip through and the President doesn’t care.

In just 4 days, Congress will vote on a bill to fund the Obama administration through Inauguration Day. They have the power to defund this once and for all and put a stop to Obama’s suicidal refugee program.

If, however, they continue to fund Obama’s refugee program at current rates, there is no telling the damage he will be able to do over the next two months.

Don't let Congress give Obama a blank check! Join the movement and fight back now!

Congress can end this right now but YOU need to demand it! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to defund Obama’s refugee program immediately!

Join the fight,

Joe Otto

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