Fellow Conservative,

This is breaking news: The suspect in the New Jersey and New York bombings, Ahmad Rahami, was wounded in a shootout with police and officially taken into custody.

It has been two days since the first bombs went off in New Jersey along the route of a wounded warrior-themed charity foot race.

We have had four terror attacks in three different states, but President Obama has yet to comment publicly on them.

Why? Well, he’s really busy, that’s why.

Barack Obama spent last night fundraising for Hillary Clinton in New York. Today, he is meeting with world leaders in preparation for his farewell speech at the UN General Assembly.

Then, tomorrow, Barack Obama arrives at the UN and will hand over our sovereignty to the international body.

Earlier this month, Obama signed onto the UN Climate Treaty without Congressional approval. Tomorrow, he will resurrect a decades-old nuclear weapons treaty that Congress refused to ratify back in 1999. He has announced that he will formally bind the United States to it anyway…

We’re out of time! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pull the rug out from under Obama’s treasonous plan before tomorrow!

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was introduced to Congress back in the late-90s. Bill Clinton wanted the US Congress to ratify the treaty and prohibit the United States from ever again testing a nuclear device.

It takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate to ratify an international treaty. When the dust settled, the final vote was 51-48 AGAINST. That means they were 19 votes short of ratifying it.

Congress overwhelmingly voted to retain the right to test nuclear weapons in the future. Now, on the 20th anniversary of the treaty’s introduction, Obama has announced he will put aside the Constitution and commit the United States to the treaty without Congressional ratification.

We all agree that the world is a better place when nuclear weapons aren’t detonated on the planet. That is why the United States hasn’t tested a nuclear bomb since 1992.

I’m not interested in talking the merits of the treaty. We don’t live in an ends-justify-the-means society. It doesn’t matter how worthwhile this treaty might be. Congress voted against ratifying it in 1999. Period.

Now, Obama is pushing a resolution through the UN Security Council to bind the United States to the treaty without Congressional approval.

This is the textbook definition of an unconstitutional action.

This is the third treaty that Barack Obama has unconstitutionally committed the United States to without Congressional ratification.

He will tout this treason as a success in his final speech to the UN General Assembly and he believes that you are powerless to stop him.

He’s wrong…

Treason! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they stop Obama from surrendering US sovereignty to the United Nations and shredding the Constitution in the process!

We have the opportunity to deal a major blow to Obama’s unconstitutional agenda. But we also have an opportunity to send a clear message to the United Nations as well.

If the President wants the United States to sign onto the UN Test Ban Treaty, then he should put it through Congress like the Constitution requires. But he has proven he is more interested in pushing his agenda by any means necessary as opposed to by obeying the limits within the Constitution.

Congress refused to ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty so Obama signed it anyway and promised to implement the provisions by executive order through the ATF and State Department. It’s not a coincidence that the administration just rolled out a new export regulation that will put hundreds, if not thousands of local gunsmiths out of business.

He did the same with the UN Climate Treaty.

Now, he is going to complete the trifecta and completely bypass Congress to commit the United States to a nuclear treaty.

Three strikes, he’s out…

Last week, Congress sent Obama a sternly worded letter telling him, in essence, “Don’t you dare.”

That’s not good enough!

This is it. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! Please, send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to stop any and all of Obama’s attempts to surrender our sovereignty and shred the Constitution!

No surrender,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily