Fellow Conservative,

John Kerry is in France to receive the country’s highest award, the Legion of Honor.

Kind of like giving Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize before he even took the oath of office, this award is more to compel Kerry to act than it is to reward what he has already done.

There were two main topics on the agenda when Kerry met with his French counterparts: (1) making sure the UN Climate Treaty is completely funded and (2) using the UN Security Council to place sanctions against Israel. Those are the two policies that France is pushing and Kerry is in line with both of them.

That is President Obama’s UN agenda for the last 40 days of his Presidency. He wants to deliver the remainder of the $3 Billion he promised to the United Nations Climate Treaty and he wants to formally sanction the State of Israel.

This is treasonous! Don’t let Obama get away with it! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and demand they pull the rug out from under his plan to give away our sovereignty!

The moves are considered a last-ditch effort by the Obama administration to cement the President’s legacy before Trump takes office.

On the UN’s climate treaty, if the President successfully hands over the remainder of the $3 Billion he promised, there is little President Trump could do. Once that check is cashed, there’s no way to claw the money back and Obama knows this. In these final days, the White House is gathering up as much of its discretionary funding as possible to make this final "donation."

Obama understands that Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to undo his signature climate change accomplishment, so the President is accelerating the timetable for the next $2.5 billion in payments (he has already given away $500 million).

When it comes to Israel, the White House is also looking to cement a legacy. John Kerry was recently asked directly whether he would stand in the way of France’s plan to levy sanctions against Israel. John Kerry refused to say no. In fact, he concluded that Israel’s actions are leading the country “to a place of danger.”

France is leading these two assaults. They were the main author of the Parris Accords, which is the UN’s Climate Change Treaty, and they are leading the opposition against Israel.

They know that in 40 days, President Trump will defund the Climate Treaty and veto any attempt in the UN Security Council to sanction Israel. They know that they are running out of time.

That is why they are honoring John Kerry with the Legion of Honor award: to compel him to act.

And the Obama administration is unfortunately all too willing…

Don’t let Obama surrender our sovereignty anymore! FaxBlast Congress and force them to stop him from implementing his UN agenda!

It really comes down to a question of sovereignty.

It is unacceptable for the President of the United States to “donate” $3 Billion to an international treaty that Congress never ratified.

It is similarly unacceptable for the President to sanction Israel after the American people just elected one of the most pro-Israel Presidential candidates in history.

On both of these fronts, what Obama is doing is tantamount to surrendering our sovereignty and surrendering the American people’s right to self-determination.

This is happening. Right now.

If this is what you voted for, then by all means carry on as is.

But if you are just as furious as I am to see this happening, just as furious to see Obama surrendering sovereignty to the UN and the globalists, then please fight back!

Stop Kerry from giving away our sovereignty! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they put an end to Obama’s plans at the UN!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily