Fellow Conservative,

Today is Election Day. Today is the best chance we have as a nation to undo everything that Barack Obama has done to this country over the last 8 years.

Over the past years, we have sent millions of faxes to Congress urging them to resist and put an end to calls for more gun control. Hillary Clinton has promised to overturn the very Supreme Court case (Heller v. DC) that affirms our individual right to keep and bear arms. Donald Trump not only has a concealed carry permit, but also has promised to implement nationwide concealed carry reciprocity, de-regulate silencers and suppressors, dismantle all unconstitutional executive orders, and protect the Second Amendment. If you firmly believe in the natural right to keep and bear arms that is protected by the Second Amendment, please vote for Donald J Trump.

We have sent millions of faxes on your behalf to fight back against Barack Obama’s illegal alien executive amnesty. Currently, the only thing that stands between us and amnesty is an Appeals Court injunction. Obama tried to have the Supreme Court approve his amnesty plan, but fell one vote short. The Justice that the next President adds to the Supreme Court will decide whether amnesty is legal and constitutional. If you care about enforcing the Immigration laws in this country, please vote for Donald J Trump.

Well over a million faxes have been delivered to Congress on your behalf to stop the GOP from confirming Obama’s radical Supreme Court nominee. The next Justice added to the Supreme Court bench will swing to court’s ideology for the next half 30-40 years. Donald Trump has promised to appoint Constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court to uphold and defend the Constitution as written. Hillary Clinton has promised ore of the same legislating from the bench. If you care about maintaining an originalist Supreme Court, please vote for Donald Trump.

We have sent hundreds of thousands of faxes on your behalf to Congress in opposition to the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, stemming back long before Trump announced his candidacy. If you believe that the American government should protect American workers instead of working to benefit foreign corporations’ profits, please vote for Donald J Trump.

We, as an organization, got our start by opposing Obamacare. We have sent millions of faxes to Congress on your behalf in opposition to this horrible Unaffordable Care Act. My family’s insurance premium is going to go up by over 20% next year and we will only have a couple insurers to choose from. If you believe that Obamacare should be repealed and replaced, please vote for Donald Trump.

We have focused, without fail, on the plight facing our military and veterans. American heroes are being purged from the military for minor infractions and veterans are being left to die on long VA wait lists because bureaucrats would rather cook the books to get bonuses than tell the truth and get more resources to help these American heroes. If you are tired of seeing illegal aliens receive better treatment and benefits than our brave vets, please vote for Donald J Trump.

We have sent hundreds of thousands of faxes to Congress demanding that they put a stop to Barack Obama’s unvetted Syrian refugee program. Hillary Clinton has promised to increase Obama’s suicidal program by 550%. If you believe that people entering the US from war zones controlled by ISIS should get full, certified background checks, please vote for Donald J Trump.

Hundreds of thousands of faxes have been delivered on your behalf to dismantle the unconstitutional and burdensome regulations that Obama has enacted. Trump has promised to do just that on day one. Mr. Trump has promised to place a moratorium on all new executive branch regulations and has promised that if a new regulation is necessary, the agency or department must first repeal two other executive regulations. If you believe, as I do, that government functions best when it governs the least, please vote for Donald J Trump.

With your help, we have been one of the largest and most vocal proponents of term limits. Donald Trump has promised to implement term limits in his first 100 days in office and ban former lawmakers and executive branch employees from becoming lobbyists. He has pledged to “drain the swamp” of Washington DC. If you believe that Public Service should be just that – service – and not a pathway to personal enrichment, please vote for Donald J Trump.

And finally, every week, without fail, we have bombarded Congress with faxes on your behalf to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her crimes. She violated the Espionage Act, the Federal Records Act, and conspired to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act. She perjured herself before both Congress and a Federal Judge and after receiving lawful subpoenas and preservation orders, her staff destroyed this subpoenaed evidence using both sophisticated technology (Bleachbit) and unsophisticated technology (hammers). She emailed classified information to her immigrant maid and had her maid print these documents out for her. She deliberately left America’s national security secrets vulnerable. She literally belongs in prison and if you agree, please vote for Donald J Trump.

I admit that we will not agree on everything. But on the majority of these issues that I listed above, we do agree. I know this because we have covered each and every one of these topics and the feedback and participation from our community has been off the chart.

Over the past 16 months, the Media and Establishment have worked overtime to portray Donald Trump as an enemy to conservatism and a lunatic. They were convinced that they could take down his candidacy and preserve their power structure. Meanwhile, he has put forward policy proposals that deal with every single complaint that we, as a Conservative community, have had since Obama took office.

We stand on the brink of putting a Republican back in the White House. If Trump wins, we will continue to hold him accountable for his promises, just like we do for every other elected Republican. Even if you don’t believe Trump will do everything he has promised, he is our only viable choice. Hillary Clinton is guaranteed to put forward a leftist agenda to continue and expand on every Obama policy that you and I have fought so hard to defeat. Even if you don’t trust Trump on everything, he is the only viable candidate that presents a non-zero chance of accomplishing what is important to us. Statistically, that makes Mr. Trump infinitely better for Conservatives than Hillary Clinton is.

A lot of people will tell you that they don’t care how you vote and they will tell you to just make sure that you do vote. I will not be one of them.

We will not get another shot at this in four years, especially if a President Hillary Clinton [shudder] succeeds in implementing her open border strategy and gives citizenship to millions of undocumented Democrats.

Regardless of today’s outcome, we will continue to fight on your behalf for these conservative issues and more. But that fight becomes immeasurably easier with Donald J Trump in the White House.

Please vote the issues. Please vote for Donald J Trump and Mike Pence.

All the best,

Joe Otto and the Conservative Daily team