Fellow Conservative,

We all remember the tragedy that befell Kate Steinle. Last year, she was standing on a San Francisco pier with her father in broad daylight when, all of a sudden, a shot rang out.

An illegal alien shot her. No reason… no purpose… she just happened to be there.

It didn’t take long for news to break that the killer - Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez – had already been deported five times after committing multiple felonies.

The country asked in unison how someone could commit multiple felonies, be deported five times, and still find a way to kill an innocent woman in broad daylight.

Kate Steinle died because Barack Obama and the Democrats refuse to enforce our immigration laws. But if you think that a five-time deported illegal alien is bad, you won’t believe what just came across the wire.

Tomas Martinez-Maldonado was just charged with raping a child in Kansas. When they ran his fingerprints, police were shocked. He has been deported ten times since 2010.

Obama’s open border has literally ruined yet another American’s life…

No more! Please, FaxBlast Congress right now and DEMAND that they pass Kate’s Law to stop deported illegal aliens from re-entering the country and victimizing Americans!

Right now, H.R. 3011 is collecting dust in committee and waiting for a vote in Congress.

The Establishing Mandatory Minimums for Illegal Reentry Act of 2015, or Kate's Law as it is known, would do exactly what its title says.

Every time an illegal alien is caught re-entering the United States, they would be given a mandatory minimum sentence.

If Kate’s Law was the law of the land, Tomas Martinez-Maldonado would be in prison and his victim would be able to go through her childhood without having been victimized.

Convicted criminal illegal aliens who are deported from the US and re-enter the country would get a minimum 5-year prison sentence.

If they try to re-enter the country again, they get an additional 10-year sentence. If they serve their time, get deported, and are caught re-entering the US again, then they’re sentenced to 20-years. The mandatory minimum keeps doubling until they figure out that it isn’t worth it.

The goal isn’t to fill our prison system, but rather to make illegal aliens think twice about trying to re-enter the United States.

This latest story includes a Mexican illegal immigrant who was deported 10 times only to return and rape a child. This was 100% avoidable.

ICE has notified police in Kansas that once the trial is over, they will be taking possession of this child rapist and… deporting him again. Then he will be free to re-enter the United States and victimize more Americans.

This has to stop!

Lock them up! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they pass Kate’s Law and implement mandatory minimums for illegal alien criminals who re-enter the United States!

Kate’s Law has bipartisan support in Congress. All it takes is for Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to bring the legislation to a reconciliation conference and then they can pass it in the Senate without worrying about Harry Reid’s filibuster.

They have the power to get this done.

But the spineless leadership in the GOP is fearful that this might come across as anti-Hispanic. They are so worried about holding illegal aliens accountable for their crimes that they are actually willing to leave innocent Americans vulnerable.

They are pathetic.

We will never stop advocating for the victims of illegal alien crime. We will never go silent.

The media won’t cover this. They could care less about a ten-time deported illegal alien raping a child in Kansas. They have their own agenda to push.

That is why it is so important for you to do these two things:

1)   Make sure that your friends and families hear about these tragedies. Share this email and make sure that the truth gets out


2)   Take action on behalf of all those victims of these heinous crimes. The media knows that by reducing exposure, they also reduce action. If the American people don’t know this is happening, they don’t take action to fix it.

But now you know. And with this knowledge comes a responsibility to do something about it!

Please, take the time to FaxBlast Congress and FORCE them to pass Kate’s Law to institute mandatory minimums for illegal alien repeat violent offenders!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily