Here we go again. Less than a month after the Election and Paul Ryan is back to his old tricks again.

Paul Ryan has officially delayed making committee assignments until after the Speaker election. Why is this important?

Well, rather than assigning Congressmen to committees now, he wants to wait and see who votes to re-elect him as Speaker in January. Anyone who refuses to publicly endorse his Speakership will be visibly punished.

Paul Ryan cares about what’s best for Paul Ryan, not what’s best for the country. He is using what leverage he has to force Congress to re-elect him. Anyone who wants to have power in the next Congress will have to kiss the ring first… If they “dare” to vote against him, they will be stripped of all their legislative power.

This is the exact opposite of Drain the Swamp!

Paul Ryan just took a play out of John Boehner’s playbook. Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress remove Paul Ryan and the rest of the RINOs from power!

This is not the first time that GOP leadership has punished Republicans who don’t toe the party line.

Back in 2012, four Republicans were removed from their committee assignments because they were not being “team players.” This was John Boehner’s strategy: kill Conservatism by threatening committee assignments…

Last year, Conservative Rep. Mark Meadows was stripped of his subcommittee chairmanship for not following the leadership’s orders.

This is routinely how Paul Ryan and Co. punish Republicans who stand against them. Being removed from a committee is a legislative death sentence.

So, Paul Ryan is pulling out the Boehner strategy by refusing to assign Congressmen to committees until after they vote to re-elect him as Speaker of the House. Who is he targeting? The House Freedom Caucus. It is just shameful…

We didn’t fight so hard to stop Hillary Clinton and the Democrats only to allow Paul Ryan and the RINOs to retain power!

And make no mistake: Mitch McConnell isn’t in the clear either… He has come out and refused to even hold a vote on term limits. In fact, both McConnell and Ryan have come out and declared that many of Trump’s policy proposals are being put on the backburner…

But this new announcement takes the cake. The idea that Paul Ryan would hold committee positions hostage to try to force Members of Congress to vote for him is astonishing. It shows just how weak and vulnerable he believes he is…

Ryan and the other RINOs think they can get away with this and still hold onto power. They believe that they can push the Conservative agenda aside and prioritize the same legislative agenda that has lost for 8 years…

It’s time to send a shot across the bow! Send your FaxBlast now and tell Congress to remove every single RINO from power if they continue this madness!

We have, at a minimum, two years to push through our agenda. We cannot afford to hand over the reins to the very Congressmen and Senators who worked tirelessly to defeat President-elect Trump.

Just today, a veteran jumped out of a third-floor window at the Tomah VA Hospital. This suicide attempt comes days after news broke that nearly 600 vets were exposed to HIV and other infectious diseases while at that very hospital. And yet, VA reform is nowhere on Speaker Ryan’s agenda and anyone who demands that the VA be prioritized risks losing their committee assignments.

Paul Ryan just doesn't get it. Instead of making these assignments and giving committees an additional 45 days to prepare to hit the ground running in January, Paul Ryan is selfishly working to preserve his own power.

Given everything we know about Paul Ryan and the GOP leadership, can we really afford to stake the next two years on their leadership?


Don’t let Paul Ryan purge Conservatives from Congressional committees!

Paul Ryan is once again threatening to punish Conservatives! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that he be replaced as Speaker immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily