Fellow Conservative,

We have breaking news on a major piece of pro-gun legislation moving through Congress!

On the same day that a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter decided to open fire on the Congressional Republican baseball practice, Congress was supposed to hold a hearing on Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act. This is a major piece of pro-gun legislation that would not only undo many of the heinous anti-gun regulations enacted by Obama, but  also ensure that future Presidents cannot go down the same gun control path.

However, GOP leadership cancelled that hearing. They caved to the gun control Left and refused to let the bill be considered. Ever since, we have been fighting to ensure that this bill moves forward. Well, this week, the Committee on Natural Resources approved the legislation by a vote of 22-13 and moved the bill to the House floor.

This is a big deal. That means that a vote will be held in the coming days. Here's what the Share Act would do:

It would roll-back the Obama administration's ammunition import bans, ensuring that Americans will always be able to own the ammunition necessary to keep and bear arms. Even though the Obama ATF ultimately failed a few years back to ban the most popular AR-15 ammunition in the country, this bill would protect M855 ammunition, imported 7N6 ammo, and prohibit future administrations from ever trying to ban them again.

It would roll-back the Obama-era ban on imported Russian firearms. Under the guise of anti-Russian sanctions, the Obama administration shut down the importation of popular Russian rifles and shotguns.

It would permanently prohibit the Federal government from ever banning lead ammunition. Obama's EPA and ATF tried to ban lead ammo for environmental reasons. Never again if the SHARE Act passes...

The bill would also finally make self-defense "legal." As ridiculous as that sounds, the Federal government is allowed to turn away imported weapons and ammunition by determing that they don't have a "sporting purpose." The fact is that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with sport and this bill would ensure that future Presidents cannot use this arbitrary rule to disarm Americans ever again.

There are other provisions that make it easier to hunt and use American lands for recreational shooting, but there is one last provision that is a true game changer. Congressman Jeff Duncan has added the Hearing Protection Act as an amendment to the SHARE Act. This would dismantle an 83-year-old gun control law and make it easier for law-abiding Americans to own and possess suppressors.

Paul Ryan tried desperately to stop this bill from leaving the committee. He failed. But now, he is pulling out all of his tricks to make sure this doesn't pass the House!

Don't let these RINOs sabotage the Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act! Send your FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass this major pro-gun bill, as amended!

I bought a suppressor last year. I had to pay a 200 dollar tax and wait 12 months for the ATF to run a simple "instant" background check on me. In order to protect my friends and family, I had to hire a lawyer to set up a trust. Otherwise, if I accidentally left my safe unlocked when my wife was home, I would have committed a felony.

Suppressor regulations have gone too far in this country. Even in gun control Europe, suppressors are unregulated and treated as safety devices. Contrary to public opinion, suppressors don't truly silence gunshots. You can still hear a suppressed gunshot. In fact, a typical suppressed gunshot would still be measured at around 130 decibels, which is the volume you would hear from a 200-piece marching bang playing at full volume. Even the most cutting-edge suppressors can only reduce a centerfire gunshot to around 120 decibels, which is the same volume you'd expect from front row seats at a rock concert.

While suppressors don't work in real life the way they do in James Bond movies, they will save a shooter's hearing if used properly. As I said, that is why even the most anti-gun European countries place no extra restrictions on suppressors. They would much rather sport shooters save their hearing and be courteous to their neighbors.

The Hearing Protection Act amendment added to the SHARE Act would allow Americans to purchase suppressors using the same instant background check they undergo to buy a firearm, as opposed to paying hundreds and waiting a whole year for the ATF to get around to it. It would also refund all the taxes that the ATF has ever collected from gun owners looking to get a suppressor.

This bill should have passed months ago. Instead, the GOP leadership blocked the bill from moving forward because they determined 'the time wasn't right.' Notice how that's their excuse whenever they stop the conservative agenda from moving forward??

Don't let the GOP pump the brakes on this pro-gun bill! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreation Enhancement (SHARE) Act as amended!

This is the best chance we've had in generations to overturn institutionalized gun control laws. Not only would it reverse the Obama-era's gun control regulations, but it would make sure that future Presidents are powerless to go after Americans' guns and ammunition.

Gun control laws don't just typically get repealed. They get expanded on. Liberals always promise that gun control laws will stop crime. When that doesn't work, they say the laws didn't go too far and they make them tougher. We have a very real opportunity here to dismantle an idiotic gun control law that has been on the books since 1934. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The Hearing Protection Act was just gathering dust in Congress. But when it was attached as an amendment to the SHARE Act, it became "fast-tracked." Now that it cleared the committee, it will receive floor vote. And because the issue involves revenue - specifically NFA taxes collected by the ATF, it can technically pass the Senate without needing a single Democrat vote.

But the GOP establishment isn't giving up. They are still working to protect Obama's anti-gun agenda.

We cannot allow them to go back on their Second Amendment promises! They need to remember who they serve!

If we don't force them them to pass this massive pro-gun bill now, they never will. If they're allowed to get away with quietly surrendering on gun rights, then they will keep surrendering on everything else.

Help us remind Congress who they serve. Help us make Congress fear you!

Seize the moment! Send your instant message to Congress right now and force them to pass the SHARE Act, as amended!

No more waiting,

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily