Oh my goodness…

I knew this was going to be bad, but I had no idea how bad. Last week marked the start of the Federal government’s 2017 fiscal year.

Additionally it reset the counter for Barack Obama’s refugee program.

Over the last year, Obama successfully brought in 12,500+ Syrian refugees into the country. He surpassed his original target of 10k refugees by 25%. This was accomplished in the final two months by ramping up Syrian refugee admissions to over 100-per-day.

Last week, Simon Henshaw, an Assistant Secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migrants, testified before a Judiciary Subcommittee that he has no idea how many Syrian refugees will come in over the next year.

When asked to be specific, he said he could only say that the number would be more than 12,000.

We originally suggested that Obama would double the number of Syrian refugees coming into the country. You have no idea how much hate mail on this issue.

So, we decided to go back and look at the first seven days of the 2017 Fiscal Year.

We were wrong. Obama did not double the refugee stream… He nonupled (9x) it!

Obama is officially bringing in 900 unvetted refugees every day now. Don’t let him get away with this! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they pass the American SAFE Act and make certified refugee background checks mandatory!

In just the first 6 days of October, the President brought in 3,062 refugees. That’s more than 500 each day.

On October 5th and 6th, over a two-day period, 1,877 refugees entered the United States. That’s over 900-a-day.

Not all of these are from Syria, but most are. And if they’re not from Syria, they’re from some other failed state that lacks the ability to even help us confirm their identities.

 A couple weeks ago, we suffered a string of attacks in this country. Multiple bombs went off in New Jersey and New York. The alleged perpetrator was born in Afghanistan and entered the United States after his father was granted asylum.

In Minnesota, 8 people were stabbed in a shopping mall by a Somali refugee who targeted his victims according to their religious faith.

The Orlando terrorist, though a US citizen, was born in this country after his radical, Taliban-supporting father was granted admission into the US.

The US government isn’t even screening for radical views. Refugees today have to swear under penalty of perjury that they weren’t in the German army during World War II, but there isn’t a single question that even asks if to see if they hold radical Islamist views.

It’s just madness. The Obama isn’t vetting these people. Bringing 900 refugees into the country every day is beyond reckless.

We still have time to stop this.

Obama is bringing in 900 refugees a day now. Enough is enough! FaxBlast Congress NOW and force them to pass the American SAFE Act before any more terrorists come into the country!

Yesterday, Wikileaks dropped thousands of hacked emails from within the Clinton campaign.

One of them included a transcript of a 2013 speech she gave where she admitted to a private audience that it is impossible to vet all these refugees, especially because there are terrorists hidden within the refugee streams.

Clinton said, “they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees.”

The heads of the CIA and FBI have testified that it is impossible to truly vet these refugees or to figure out their true intentions.

What Obama is doing is treason. He knows that his actions will bring terrorists to the United States and he simply doesn’t care…

We used to live in a country where the number of acceptable terrorist attacks was zero. Barack Obama’s actions prove that he believes that number to be more than one.

The House of Representatives passed the American Safe Act months ago with a bipartisan, veto proof majority. This legislation would force the Obama administration to certify every single background check on every single refugee before they can be allowed into the country.

GOP leadership has the power to put this bill on Obama’s desk right now and put an end to all of this.

It is up to you and every likeminded Patriot to put an end to this once and for all!

Obama is bringing in 900 refugees a day! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they pass the American SAFE Act and force Obama to perform certified background checks on these refugees!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily