Dear Conservative,

Last chance. The United States Senate is starting the process TODAY on Loretta Lynch's confirmation as the next US Attorney General.

She would replace Eric Holder, but quite frankly you wouldn’t even notice he’s gone because she has so many identical policy positions.

Gun control? Loretta Lynch supports a ban on semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines.

Amnesty for illegal aliens? Lynch has said multiple times she supports Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive action unilaterally legalizing millions of illegal immigrants.

Hillary Clinton’s emails? When asked whether she would prosecute Mrs. Clinton, Loretta Lynch refused to comment.

All across the board, this woman has proven that she is too radical to become the chief law enforcement agent in the country.

All this month, we have been hammering Congress demanding that they cancel Lynch’s confirmation vote. It is working. More and more Republican Senators have come out against her confirmation.

But there are still a minority of five GOP Senators that plan to vote with the Democrats. The GOP might control Congress, but Mitch McConnell is essentially giving right into the Democrats’ demands.

The confirmation vote is today. It’s now or never.

Tell Congress to STOP Loretta Lynch’s confirmation proceedings immediately!

All we’ve been hearing from the RINOs planning to vote for Lynch is that ‘the President should get the cabinet members he wants.’ This is true. Generally, Presidents are given leeway in deciding who fills their cabinet spots.

But that isn’t an invitation to fill the Attorney General position with someone who will ignore more laws than they will enforce!

Congress has all the power here and the Founders designed our system that way for a reason. We already tried playing nice. In 2009, only 21 Republican Senators voted against Eric Holder. The rest gave Obama the man he wanted. Once Eric Holder's true self was revealed, Congress held him in contempt. But it was too late. Eric Holder simply ordered his subordinates to ignore the contempt charges...

We tried giving Obama what he wanted. How did that work out for us? We had Fast & Furious, the DOJ unlawfully spying on American citizens, refusals to prosecute administration officials caught committing crimes, gun control by any means necessary, picking and choosing which laws to defend before the Supreme Court…

We gave Obama his man and the result was 6+ years of darkness.

Now, the President is demanding that the GOP-controlled Congress confirms another radical to fill the Attorney General position.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Loretta Lynch’s policies aren’t a secret. They are out there in the open.

For example, in 2006, Loretta Lynch signed an amicus brief sent to the Supreme Court arguing that the Federal partial-birth abortion ban was unconstitutional because the term "living fetus" was "hopelessly vague." There's absolutely nothing vague about it. This is the kind of radical that the GOP is about to push through!

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the party leadership campaigned against practically every policy position that Loretta Lynch holds. Now, McConnell is going to allow a confirmation vote and then he will personally vote against her.

And when Lynch is confirmed by a vote of 51-49, McConnell and the rest of the leadership will come out and remind us that they voted “No.”

Allowing this vote to take place is just as treacherous as voting “Yes!” This one vote could determine the country’s future. Will we give Obama another radical to help enact his overreaching agenda? Or will you stand up and force Congress to put a stop to this once and for all?

The fact is, we wouldn't be in this position if Mitch McConnell returned the vote threshold to 60-votes. Two years ago, Harry Reid used the Nuclear Option to allow the Democrats to push through as many of Obama's nominees as possible. McConnell promised to undo this. That's all it takes to scuttle Loretta Lynch's confirmation!

Click to force Congress to stop Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote immediately!

If Barack Obama wants a new Attorney General, he is going to need to nominate a moderate. He needs to be reminded that elections have consequences.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily