Fellow Conservative,

The Obama administration just announced that they are going to admit an additional 1,300+ refugees from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

You see, the United States isn’t the only country being inundated with refugees from terror-prone countries. Australia is turning “refugees” away every single day. Except, in Australia’s case, these refugees are literally washing up on their shores in rafts.

Australia has determined that these refugees would not contribute to society, so they have been turned away. Many of them were sent to islands off the Australian coast until they could be processed for deportation.

The Obama administration has just swooped in and agreed to bring these turned-away refugees to the United States!

Obama’s just announced bringing in even more Middle Eastern refugees. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund this program once and for all!

The American people just gave Donald Trump the Presidency, in part, on his public promise to shut down Barack Obama’s Middle Eastern refugee program.

The American people examined the facts and (rightly) determined that it is ludicrous to bring people into this country from terror-prone regions without fully vetting their backgrounds and intentions.

After the election, I breathed a sign of relief. We will finally have a President who puts the safety and security of the American people first.

But now it is clear that Barack Obama will spend the next 68 days trying to bring as many “refugees” here as possible, even if that means taking in people that have already been determined by other countries to be dangerous…

This is unacceptable!

Congress has yet to pass a budget for next year. With Trump’s election, Congress will likely try to pass another Continuing Resolution so that they can deliver a full budget to President Trump’s desk instead.

But Congress has to pass something in the next week or two; otherwise the government will run out of money.

Congress has the power – right now – to put an end to this and stop Obama from bringing any more unvetted, Middle Eastern refugees into the country between now and Inauguration Day.

It is absolutely imperative that we get this passed NOW! All Congress has to do is attach the American SAFE Act to this Continuing Resolution and then Barack Obama’s last-ditch refugee program will be dead where it stands!

But the only way that happens is if YOU demand it!

No more unvetted refugees! Don’t let Obama flood the US with any more Middle Eastern refugees! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund all of Obama’s refugee efforts!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily