Fellow Conservative,

Well, the State Department has finally begun turning over Hillary Clinton’s emails to Congressional investigators. This is being done under a court order and despite the administration’s best efforts to delay, they were just forced to release thousands of Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

But a handful of emails are being deliberately withheld. The State Department is claiming these withheld emails represent “important executive branch institutional interests” and requests for these documents are denied.

This is called executive privilege. It is a tool used by administrations – both Republican and Democrat – to safeguard and classify communications between high-ranking government officials. In reality, it is a tool to stop damaging information from leaking. Richard Nixon used executive privilege to try to stop the release of the Watergate tapes. Barack Obama used executive privilege to halt Eric Holder’s Contempt of Congress investigation.

And now, the Obama State Department is using privilege to stop investigators from accessing some of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails.

This is the tool that Obama uses when he just wants something to go away. But we can’t let them get away with covering-up and withholding this evidence!

Don’t let Obama weasel out of this. Tell Congress to forcibly seize all of Hillary Clinton’s emails!

In United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court ruled that the President does not have the Constitutional authority to use executive privilege as an excuse to withhold evidence that is "demonstrably relevant in a criminal trial.”

Obama used executive privilege to classify communications between Eric Holder and the White House on Operation Fast and Furious, the failed gun-walking operation that essentially armed the Mexican Cartels. Eric Holder was held in contempt and then these communications were withheld to save him from being convicted.

Even though Obama’s actions clearly violated the US v. Nixon ruling, Congress did nothing. Now emboldened, the Obama administration is trying the exact same thing to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

For years, people have wondered what Obama and Clinton were doing the night of the attack. There are many conspiracy theories around what exactly Obama was doing that night.

Well, it turns out that Barack Obama had a phone call with Hillary Clinton the night of the attack. But according to the State Department, you aren’t allowed to know what they talked about. They redacted the entire conversation.

This is on top of the news that Hillary Clinton actually altered her emails before turning them over to the State Department. Yes, she destroyed 31,000 emails but she also changed the contents of others before archiving them.

This is madness. Obama is walking all over Congress and we haven’t heard a peep out of anyone.

The American people have a right to know why the President of the United States and Secretary of State decided to leave four brave Americans to die. Make no mistake, that is what Obama and Clinton did. They left them to die.

They’re goal is to run out the clock. If the administration can withhold these documents for long enough, they know the public will forget about it. That's what happened with Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner, the DOJ spying scandal, incompetence at the VA, the list goes on...

That’s what they’ve done to combat every single scandal. This ends today.

You cannot let that happen. Raise your voice now and demand that Congress forcibly seize these Benghazi emails!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily