Fellow Conservative,

We face more threats as a nation then just those involving the President’s refugee program.

With 100 unvetted Syrian refugees arriving in the US everyday, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that thousands more people illegally cross our southern border on a given day…

The illegal alien criminals who come here ruin families and destroy lives, and we are left to pick up the pieces while the Obama administration just lets it happen.

Sixteen years ago, on Father’s Day weekend, the Inman family was driving to their favorite fishing spot in the North Georgia Mountains for a weekend away. 

When the family was stopped at a red light, a speeding car driven by illegal alien Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez crashed into the Inman’s vehicle, killing their son, Dustin, and knocking both parents unconscious.

Both parents were sent to the hospital and were unable to even attend their son’s funeral because of their injuries. Kathy Inman, Dustin’s mother, was in a coma for 5 weeks before she woke up and learned of her son’s death. Spinal injuries leave her confined to a wheelchair.

The killer was also sent to the hospital, but he was able to escape police custody and flee the hospital before he was treated. We now know that he crossed the border back into Mexico.

For 16 years, the Inman family has tried to get justice for their son. That picture above is one of the only pictures they have left. Earlier this month, they received a letter from Obama’s Justice Department consoling them for their loss but reiterating that because the killer fled to Mexico, “there is no available legal remedy at this time.”

Barack Obama is letting illegal alien killers go because the law doesn’t force him to deport them. Raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress pass bills, like Kate's Law, to impose mandatory imprisonment and deportation for illegal alien criminals!

How utterly pathetic is that?

This 16-year-old kid was killed by an illegal alien, we know where the killer is, and yet the Department of Justice says there’s nothing they can do…

Even a decade and a half after this horrific killing, the Obama administration has declared that vehicular homicide is not enough reason for ICE to detain and deport an illegal alien.

You see, under the President’s amnesty directive, ICE is only supposed to be going after the criminal element and Vehicular homicide is, in the administration’s view, not violent enough to justify action.

All these years later and illegal aliens are still allowed to kill Americans and then disappear back into society.

Take Edwin Mejia, an illegal alien from Honduras. He decided to get behind the wheel drunk one night and crashed his vehicle into oncoming traffic. He killed Sarah Root, a young American woman who had just graduated college the day before with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Police arrived and took the illegal alien into custody but the Obama administration refused to place an immigration hold onto him, so he ultimately made bond.

He has since disappeared – probably back over the border – and now that there’s nothing they can do about it, ICE finally just put a warrant out for his arrest.

When she testified before Congress, ICE Director Sarah Saldana declared that neither Obama’s policy, nor Federal law, requires law enforcement to detain an illegal alien who kills an American.

Let that sink in…

Because they weren’t required by law to deport this illegal, they chose not to. The Obama administration found a loophole to allow them to release another illegal alien killer from jail...

That is the America we’re living in. In a decade and a half, we have transformed from being a country where illegal aliens had to escape police custody to get away and now we've become a country where illegal alien killers are escorted out of the jail and sent on their way.


End the killing! Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s open border policy and pass legislation, like Kate's Law, to impose mandatory imprisonment and deportation for illegal alien criminals!

It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to just sit back and allow illegal aliens to kill innocent people. We don’t have to just watch while the Obama administration lets them go.

We don’t have to settle for the Obama administration’s response: ‘there’s nothing we can do.’

Edwin Mejia was one of the “unaccompanied minors” that Barack Obama says we have to bend over backwards for and let into the country, no-questions-asked.

That is one illegal alien that ripped apart an American family. Countless families over the years have lost sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers because of this idiotic open border policy.

I say, “Not one more!”

The Obama administration has chosen to release illegal alien killers because the law doesn’t force them to deport them.

Now, more than ever, sounds like the perfect time to demand such a law!

Obama lets them into America and then when they kill Americans, he lets them out of jail. Join the movement and FaxBlast Congress DEMANDING they pass legislation, like Kate's Law, to implement mandatory minimums for illegal alien criminals!

When will we take this country back?

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily