Fellow Conservative,

I can’t believe this just happened. Barack Obama has announced that he agreed to a loose framework for an Iran nuclear deal. In reality, the Iranians are literally dancing through in the streets because nearly EVERY one of their demands was met.

Allowed to keep enriching uranium? Check.

America forced to roll back all sanctions against Iran? Check.

Allowed to keep its underground, fortified Fordo research facility fully operational? Check.

Let me remind you that this underground facility was created to protect Iran’s nuclear weapons program from Israeli air attacks and it is impervious to conventional bombs. They kept this facility a secret for years, just as they will keep their nuclear weapons program a secret from here on out.

Barack Obama gave a speech announcing the proposed framework and Iran immediately called him a liar.

He is celebrating a major accomplishment when in reality, it is hard to imagine a worse deal! What’s even worse is that he has no desire to follow the Constitution and have Congress ratify the agreement!

Obama’s deal with Iran couldn’t get much worse! Demand that Congress intervene and STOP the President from lifting the sanctions!

There are Congressionally-imposed sanctions against Iran that the President does NOT have the authority to roll back. Just as he doesn’t have the Constitutional power to unilaterally rewrite Obamacare or draft gun control executive orders, the same is true for these Congressionally-imposed sanctions.

But one of the key tenets in the proposed framework is Obama’s approval to get rid of all sanctions against Iran.

Not only that, but the President still plans to submit this ‘agreement’ to the UN Security Council for ratification instead of through Congress as the Constitution requires.

Congress has explicitly come out against this nuclear agreement and even Congressional Democrats don’t believe Iran can be trusted. The Iranians hid their nuclear program from the world for years. What makes anyone believe they won’t do the same once again?

We have been saying for weeks that Barack Obama could not be trusted to negotiate this deal with Iran and the announcement yesterday proves it. Iran’s indestructible underground research facility will remain open and Iran will be allowed to keep centrifuges there. But don’t worry… the Iranians promised not to use the centrifuges to enrich uranium (what they were designed to do).


Iran won’t be forced to turn over its enriched uranium and there is nothing stopping them from continuing to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles. The only reason these types of missiles exist is to deliver a nuclear payload. You don’t send a missile halfway around the globe unless it is carrying a nuclear payload.

Even France is complaining that the U.S. agreed to too many concessions. The French are saying that the U.S. “lowered the bar” in order to get a deal with Iran. Instead of standing firm and walking away if necessary, the Obama administration surrendered to many of Iran’s demands.

We CANNOT allow Obama to put this suicidal deal into motion. Congress has to intervene!

Even the French think that Obama capitulated to Iran’s demands. Tell Congress to STOP this suicidal agreement from going into effect!

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 is being sponsored by Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ). This bill would force the President to submit the details of the nuclear agreement with Iran for approval before it can be signed and implemented. We’re also supposed to believe it is just a coincidence that Obama’s DOJ just charged Sen. Menendez with corruption.

Anyone who stands up to Obama’s suicidal nuclear deal is getting taken out. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) had the tenacity to oppose the President’s nuclear deal and the press dragged him through the mud. Now, a Democrat stands up and opposes the deal and what does he get? He gets indicted by a grand jury.

This is how Obama and the Alinskyites operate: they take out anyone who stands in their way. They believe that if they take out a few of their opponents, the rest will be too afraid to stand against them.

But there’s one thing that Barack Obama and his allies have forgotten about: YOU!

You have the power to compel Congress to act. You have the power to threaten to remove legislators from office unless they oppose this suicidal nuke deal.

Are you going to cave like so many have before? Or are you going to stand up and force Congress to take a stand? I choose the latter and you should too!

Don’t let Obama surrender to a nuclear Iran! Demand that Congress intervene and STOP him!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily