Fellow Conservative,

If this election has taught us anything, it is that liberal bureaucrats rediscover their work ethic when faced with the prospect of having all of their major accomplishments undone.

That is what Donald Trump represents. To the Federal bureaucrats, he presents a very real threat to their legacy. Imagine being in their position and realizing that everything you worked so hard to accomplish over eight years was about to become irrelevant.

Right now, the Obama administration is rushing to finalize more than 98 new regulations and executive orders. Some are easily reversed. Others are not.

One of the executive actions that will be difficult to reverse is the President's post-Election decision to bring thousands of additional Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian "refugees" here.

These are refugees that tried to get into Australia, but were turned away after it was determined that they posed a threat.

So, what did Obama do? After the country overwhelmingly voted to support Mr. Trump's proposal to shut down the refugee program, President Obama decided to admit thousands more in what little time he has left!

Don’t let Congress fund another 52 days of Obama’s refugee program! Please, take action and DEMAND that Congress attach the American SAFE Act to this week’s Continuing Resolution!

It really is common sense: If these refugees have been deemed too dangerous for settlement in Australia, then Obama has no business fast-tracking their resettlement here in the United States.

It is a pathetic that Australia has a more thorough vetting process for refugees than we do.

But do you want to know what is more pathetic? Congress has the power to put a stop to this madness this week and yet the refugee program is nowhere to be found in the budget bill they are preparing to pass.

The Founders gave Congress the Power of the Purse for a reason. They knew that a day would come when a President would go off the rails and govern opposite the will of the people. They knew that Congress would need the Constitutional authority to stop him. That day has unfortunately come.

The GOP leadership is pushing for a “clean” stopgap budget bill. A clean bill would fund the government at its current levels through next spring. At that point, President Trump would put forward a budget for the remainder of the year.

The “fund the government at current levels” is the part we need to worry about.

If the GOP succeeds in funding Obama’s refugee program through the end of his term, he will bring tens of thousands of additional refugees into the country, all without the proper vetting,

Included in that number is the large Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian refugee population that Australia already vetted and then turned away.

Barack Obama leaves office in 52 days. But if the GOP funds his administration at the current levels through the end of his term, there is no telling the damage he will do over these 52 days…

Congress is just days away from giving Obama’s refugee program full funding! Don’t let this happen, send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND they attach the American SAFE Act to this spending bill!

The solution to this is simple: Congress needs to attach the American SAFE Act to the budget bill.

This legislation passed late last year with a bipartisan, veto-proof majority in the House. The only reason it failed to pass the Senate was because Harry Reid filibustered it. But with 55 votes in support of the bill in the Senate, that is more than enough to pass through the reconciliation process. When Congress passes budget bills, they have the power to bypass the Democrats’ filibuster using a procedure known as reconciliation.

The GOP has the power to attach this bill to this week’s continuing resolution and put it onto Obama’s desk without even dealing with a filibuster. Then, he gets to decide what is more important: funding the government or bringing in more radical refugees…

The votes are there. They absolutely have the power to stop Obama from bringing any more refugees into the country. The question is whether Congress has the will to fight for it.

More importantly, the question is whether you are going to fight for it!

We have an opportunity to end this right now. No more unvetted Syrian refugees; no more taking refugees that our allies have kicked out or refused entry to.

If we give Obama a blank check for the next 52 days, he will cause irreparable damage. Let’s finish this right now and send Barack Obama’s unvetted refugee program to the ash heap of history where it belongs!

Obama can do untold amounts of damage if Congress re-funds his refugee program! Send your FaxBlast to Congress NOW and demand that they attach the American SAFE Act to this week’s budget bill!

End this now,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily