Fellow Conservative,

This past Monday, Bill Clinton secretly met with Loretta Lynch for 30 minutes inside of her plane on the tarmac in Phoenix.

If this doesn’t immediately set off alarm bells for you, let me explain…

The husband of a woman under investigation for violating the Espionage Act had an unscheduled, private, and secret meeting with the Attorney General responsible for deciding whether or not to push for an indictment.

The official story? Clinton and Lynch allegedly talked about grandchildren, golf, and their travel schedule.

You don’t secretly meet on a private plane, randomly on the Phoenix airport’s tarmac, to facilitate small talk and “catch-up.”

A few weeks ago, Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton and not-so-subtly told his subordinates to stand down on the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Apparently, Loretta Lynch didn’t get the message, so the former-President had to intervene to save his wife from her pending investigation.

Barack Obama has proven that he is unable and unwilling to move forward impartially. Now, by meeting with the husband of the suspect in an ongoing investigation, Loretta Lynch has also proven she is also incapable of impartiality.

She must be removed from the case!

Loretta Lynch has proven she is incapable of impartiality. Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that she be removed from the Clinton case and replaced with a special prosecutor!

The Founders designed our democratic Republic/representative democracy to include three co-equal branches.

The legislature is responsible for writing the law, the executive branch is responsible for enforcing the law, and the judiciary is responsible for interpreting the law.

If the President and his subordinates fail or refuse to enforce the law, especially when it comes to prosecuting people within the administration, then Congress has the authority and responsibility to intervene.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has been one of the most vocal advocates for an independent prosecutor to take over the case and after Monday’s revelations, he is doubling down on his call.

“An attorney cannot represent two parties in a dispute and must avoid even the appearance of conflict,” Cornyn declared.

It isn’t necessary to prove a conflict of interest. Even the appearance of a conflict is enough to force prosecutors to recuse themselves.

Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton in private on a private jet just days after it was revealed that Hillary Clinton destroyed government records is a huge red flag.

It was inappropriate, unethical, and depending on what they discussed, this meeting could also have been illegal as well. The investigation into Hillary’s email crimes includes the Espionage Act and the mishandling of Classified and Top Secret information. Any discussion of this with someone who is not cleared to know the specifics would be criminal.

Don’t give up now! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they force the appointment of a special, independent prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton!

Senator Cornyn is leading the charge on this to demand the appointment of a special, independent prosecutor.

All of your advocacy has led to this point. With your help, we have bombarded Congress with literally millions of emails on this issue over the past months.

Millions of faxes have printed out in Congressional offices demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to ensure justice is served.

Now, we have a Senior Senator willing to take up this issue and move it forward. This is a HUGE accomplishment!

But we can’t give up now. Senator Cornyn won’t be able to do this on his own. He needs your help to take this across the finish line!

It’s time to finish this! Please, send one more FaxBlast to help Sen. Cornyn take this across the finish line to get Hillary put behind bars!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily