Fellow Conservative,

He did it. He actually did it.

The day before he leaves office, Barack Obama has given another $500 million to the United Nations climate change program. We had warned that he would try to give away even more money to the UN climate change treaty and that is exactly what he did.

That brings the total amount that Obama has given away to the UN climate program to just over $1 billion.

This is your money and he stole it from you. Congress never appropriated this money but Obama just took it anyway.

Now, Obama wants to make sure that the rest of the United Nations gets funded before he leaves office. He wants to give another $3 billion to UN general fund to finance the globalists’ efforts for another year…

This isn’t a game. Barack Obama is intent on trashing the country on his way out!

Obama just gave away an additional half billion dollars to the United Nations! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they defund the UN immediately!

We are firmly behind the effort to defund the United Nations. Barack Obama’s parting shot against Israel and his decision to give away another half billion dollars only proves our point.

The UN has become nothing but a tool for liberals to impose their agenda on the American people.

Every Conservative has a different reason for wanting to defund the United Nations. Some just see it as a colossal waste of money. Others were infuriated by the President’s decision to bypass Congress to help finance and enact UN gun control and climate change programs. Many saw the President’s actions against Israel in his final days as the final straw that pushed them towards defunding the international body.

Whatever the reasoning, we all agree that the United States should not be paying for ¼ of the entire UN’s operating budget.

It is time to use our financial power to bring the UN to heel.

Recently, the United Nations decided to add Saudi Arabia to a list of countries with questionable human rights records. The Saudis were – rightly – furious and decided to pull their three million dollars of UN funding.

That was enough to force the United Nations to back down. Multiply that by one thousand and that is the leverage that the United States has.

Cutting a quarter of the United Nation’s funding would be a death sentence for the organization and they know it. It’s time to use this leverage!

The votes are officially there! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE

Obama thinks that he pulled a fast one on you by sending away even more of your money to finance the UN’s climate change treaty. He thinks he’s successfully stopped Trump from dismantling it.

He never counted on you stepping up and forcing Congress to defund the UN in its entirety. He never expected you to fight back.

Please, prove him wrong! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they pull all funding out of the United Nations!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily